Difficulty in searching for missing persons in Gwangju accident

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The detailed search for the upper floors of the Gwangju Hyundai Industrial Development apartment building collapse accident is experiencing difficulties due to the delay in dismantling the tower crane and formwork. In the midst of this, the government decided to form the Central Accident Management Headquarters, headed by Minister of Employment and Labor Ahn Gyeong-deok, to oversee on-the-spot investigations and search for missing persons.

Ahn Gyeong-deok, head of the Central Accident Remediation Headquarters, said on the 23rd, “For the rapid search and rescue of workers, on-site remedies, and damage support, there is a limit to the efforts and capabilities of local governments alone, so the Central Accident Management Headquarters was formed.” The dismantling of the tower crane, which is tilted and precariously attached to the collapsed building, was originally scheduled to be completed around the 21st of this month, but it is delayed due to insufficient safety of the tower crane dismantling workers. During the dismantling process, the dismantling work, which was scheduled for one day, was not completed for three days as various variables occurred, such as the tower crane moving further away from the fixed outer wall due to the movement of the center of gravity.

As the tower crane dismantling process took longer than expected, the search for missing persons is centered on cleaning up the concrete debris on the 22nd and 27th floors. As a result of this accident, 16 floors from the 23rd to the 38th floor collapsed, and the points where the rescue dogs responded in the previous search were the 22nd, 26th, 27th and 28th floors.

Director Ahn said, “Once the tower crane stabilization work is completed on that day, it is important to secure the stability of the collapsed building. I will,” he said.

The Central Accident Response Headquarters will hold the first meeting near the accident site on the 24th to receive reports on search and rescue activities, tower crane removal, stabilization of collapsed buildings, and support for families of missing persons, and discuss support plans for search and rescue plans. Meanwhile, the Family Council of Collapse Accident Victims held a press conference at the accident site on the same day and said, “The government should play a leading role in the overall accident management by excluding Hyundai Industrial Development, a construction company that is consistent with a non-cooperative attitude, from rescue activities.” Please go beyond the headquarters and gather the capabilities of each ministry.”

At around 3:47 pm on the 11th, six people went missing in the collapse of Hwajeong-dong, Gwangju. One person was found dead on the 4th, and five people are missing.


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