Cholo Simeone, intimate: how his most famous phrase was born, the technicians who marked him and his pending account

Diego Simeone will have his own documentary series (Reuters)

On January 26 it will be available at Prime Video, the streaming platform of Amazon, the documentary series that will have Diego Pablo Simeon as protagonist. The technician of Atletico Madrid He spoke this Monday with some journalists at the time of the premiere and took stock of his career, especially in his time as a coach.

“It shows what people do not see”, anticipated regarding the series that, as he confessed, he had not yet seen completely, but had access to some fragments that excited him, especially since there are statements from his former colleagues that filled him with pride and images of moments that marked him : “I was finding emotions. I liked the talk with my old man in front of the door of my house, something very ours. Also when we were approaching the fight for La Liga and what we were talking about, we were convinced that we were on the right track”.

The cholos was asked about the origin of his phrase “the effort is not negotiated”, which has become an emblem of his style of play: “We were in Argentina, competing with Boca to become champions and we talked about it. From then on it was installed forever with us. Not only in football, but in life itself, which in the end is more important”. In this sense, it was clear when he was put at a crossroads between work or talent: “Talent without work remains in an important space of a player or whatever, but work is ahead. The rest remains in something simple if not”.

With regard to his time as a footballer, the former Catania coach assured that he did not miss that moment in his life, although he acknowledged that the sudden change that retirement meant and the next day he took charge of Racing Club, in a complicated situation for the team who was struggling not to lose the category, it was not easy: “I was in the shower and it was hard for me to take a shower, get in the car and think ‘tomorrow I have to prepare for the game as a coach’”. In this context, he acknowledged that he had an outstanding debt: “I didn’t even have a farewell game, I would have liked it. I always had a respectful relationship with my teammates”.

Simeone used the number 10 shirt in the 1991 and 1993 Copa América (Getty)
Simeone used the number 10 shirt in the 1991 and 1993 Copa América (Getty)

Simeone, who forged a great career in European football at clubs like Inter Milano, Sevilla Y Atletico Madridalso shone in the Argentine national team, where he was directed by several technicians who marked him forever: “The first was Bilardo, he was my first coach and I was a sponge. Everything he transmitted to me I tried to assimilate. Then to Luis (Aragonese), now older, and he gave me strength and security that he transmitted. Not to mention the Coco Basile, he had a gift, he spoke to us, he told us that we had to jump into the pool and you jumped in, you didn’t look if there was water. Not everyone knows how to do it. And (Marcellus) Bielsa He grabbed me even bigger and taught us all to be better coaches. There is the field coach, the training coach and he explained to you what was going to happen. I have a lot of things from him.”

Both in his time as a footballer and as a coach, the Argentine was always characterized by a seasoned style of play and in his speech he has always put victory above any form of play. However, like any athlete, he has also had to endure defeats: “To enjoy a victory you have to know how to digest defeats. It doesn’t matter, you suffer, you work, you seek to improve, but you suffer, because that’s how you learn to enjoy victory. There are situations that hurt me and the family finds me that way.”

Finally, he also dedicated a space in the talk to the Atletico Madrid, where he has been in charge of the first team for more than 10 years and has become an idol. “It’s been a lot of years, three as a player, then another two and a half, now ten. Almost all my life is focused on Atlético. But Someday I’ll have to go, everything begins and ends. Hopefully it will be with a fair and good election for all and the best for both parties. It doesn’t mean more pressure to be a fan or the love I have for the club. I know he has to win, but I put aside my egos, even though some think not, but I leave them for the good of the club and the goals,” he said.

With the production of TBS Y Wakai Sports, the documentary series can be seen by Prime Video from February 26. The content manager of the audiovisual platform declared that in addition to glimpse his recognized figure as a coach, the idea is that the person behind it is reflected as never before. Some of the big stars who gave evidence were Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola, among others.


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