Anthony Aranda lets himself paint his nails pink and shares tender moments with Melissa Paredes’ daughter

Melissa Paredes’s daughter plays with Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram)

Everything seems to indicate that Anthony Aranda has managed to win the heart of the family of Melissa Paredes, well now we see him even playing with the daughter of the actress and Rodrigo Cuba. Through her Instagram account, the TV host published a video where the little girl is seen painting the choreographer’s nails.

Here the little girl looks quite lively painting the pink nails of her mother’s new partner, who does not hesitate to laugh at the girl’s occurrence.

In another image, the couple in love is seen trying to take a photo, while the girl plays with them. He interrupts them by sticking his lollipop in before Melissa and Anthony laugh.

Melissa Paredes's daughter plays with Anthony Aranda.  (Photo: Instagram)
Melissa Paredes’s daughter plays with Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram)

However, not everything is there, since she recently participated in the family celebration for the birthday of Doña Celia, mother of Melissa Paredes. The dancer even published a photo with her in his Instagram story and did not hesitate to dedicate a few words to her. “Happy birthday, beautiful mommy”, wrote.

Anthony Aranda with Melissa Paredes' mother.  (Photo: Instagram)
Anthony Aranda with Melissa Paredes’ mother. (Photo: Instagram)

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Anthony refers to her with affection. On a previous occasion was shown cooking for her mother-in-law, this in order to consent.

“I’m cooking your mommy, your mommy a cevichito and fried fish with salad”, Said the former member of the El Gran Show dance school when the television host asked him about the dish he was preparing.

Hearing her partner’s response, the model couldn’t help showing her annoyance that the dancer wasn’t cooking for her, but she was pleased to learn that he was making the salad she likes.

Not me… Oh yeah, with the salad that I like… Yummy”, said the former partner of ‘Gato’ Cuba, in addition to showing the presentation of the dishes that Anthony Aranda made for his family lunch.

Anthony Aranda won the heart of Melissa Paredes’ mother by preparing her a delicious fish-based lunch.

It should be noted that from the beginning the family of Melissa Paredes has agreed with the relationship of Melissa and Anthony Aranda. While her daughter is seen to be happy sharing with her parents’ partners. The actress with the dancer and Rodrigo Cuba with Ale Venturo.


In the Women in Command program, Thais Casalino made a revelation about Melissa Paredes, who internally showed him the tattoo that had been done with his current partner. I asked Meli if she had gotten a tattoo, now that she has started this love affair (with Anthony Aranda) and she said yes., pointed out the driver to the surprise of the acriz.

The ex-host of América Hoy was nervous and complained with laughter how it was possible for him to make public the things he told her in private, since “nobody had noticed” up to now.

“Melissa got a tattoo on her arm with Anthony!”Casalino exclaimed and then asked him to show the tattoo to the cameras, something that the model finally did with a big smile on her face.

The tattoo that was done with Anthony is a kind of triangle and is located on the arm. They both sport the same design.

Melissa Paredes shows the tattoo she got with Anthony Aranda.  (Photo: Instagram)
Melissa Paredes shows the tattoo she got with Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram)


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