Adolfo Aguilar after declaring himself homosexual: “I didn’t hide it, my issue was that I had homophobia against myself”

Adolfo Aguilar had to undergo psychological treatment to reveal his sexual orientation. (Photo: Capture TV)

Adolfo Aguilar He made his sexual orientation public for the first time after 30 years of having hidden it through his social networks. This time, he dared to give more details of the moments he had to live to accept his homosexuality in an interview for Impact Chronicles.

The program hosted by Olenka Zimmermann and produced by Willax Television, presented an interview with the actor and producer last Saturday, January 22, where he began by highlighting that he reaches his 50th birthday more than happy.

“I am going to turn 50 and I feel happy, content and calm. Realized in the emotional part, with good acceptance and self-esteem”, said the driver, who also said that during the first stage of the pandemic he suffered from depression.

In the pandemic it turns out that I fell into depression because I couldn’t find myself, I didn’t understand, I felt alone, obsolete, desolate, that I had nothing left and I looked for help. Within what I considered defects, turn them into virtues and this is homosexuality “, counted.

During the interview, the film director stressed that he was free to say that he was homosexual at any time, but that he could not because he felt homophobic against himself.

“I was already free to say it only that I myself did not accept it. I never hid it, my theme was that I had homophobia against myself. Not against homosexuals in general but with mine. I never wanted to be gay but in the end it played against me”, he pointed.

He also recalled that during his childhood he could not talk about homosexuality. “I always had to hide what I was. It was not permissible to be effeminate and if it was, it was mockery “.

Adolfo Aguilar reveals details of the moments he had to live before publicly declaring himself homosexual.

Finally, he was grateful for the good response his confession had from his fans. “I am grateful to the world. I don’t know anyone who has put one on me but because of my sexual orientation (…) I had prepared myself for the “self-prepared for hate” with the public exit “.

On the other hand, Adolfo Aguilar He was present on the set of the Saturday program and confessed that he underwent psychological treatment before announcing his sexual orientation to the public.

I prepared myself with psychologists and coaches for the hate that I expected to receive when I leftHe already said what the driver interrupted him to point out that he received “a lot of love”. “It was love that you received because people love you”.


few know that Adolfo Aguilar He almost made it to the row of married men several years ago, when he was about to marry his girlfriend at the time. This revelation was given in an interview with the #Dilo program.

“I was about to get married in my thirties… I began, as in a movie, to edit the situations in my head”, told the former jury of The Artist of the Year.

But why did he never make it to the altar? As he said, he himself decided to cancel the wedding when he realized that the relationship had no future. “She was crazy, she was possessive and I hadn’t realized it. Thank God, son, my mom told me. More or less they hated her.”.


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