Xoana González wants to build a shelter for rescued animals with the money she earns on OnlyFans

Xoana González has a great legion of followers on her Onlyfans. (Photo: Instagram)

It is not new to say that Xoana González he’s doing pretty well with his account Onlyfans, even thanks to that he was able to buy his apartment. On this occasion, the young woman pointed out that she wants to put her money to a noble use.

The young Argentine wants to build a shelter for rescued pets. Xoana stressed that she wants to house the animals in a large area, and for this she will not hesitate to invest in a large piece of land.

“I want to continue adopting animals that need help. The project that would be a giant dream for me would be to live in a field with many hectares to be able to have more animals”, pointed out the Argentine.

Argentina is one of the most controversial figures in Peru, and although she has numerous detractors for her way of earning money, there are many who have come to the fore because of her occurrences and not having filters.

It should be noted that Xoana joins the long list of figures that have Onlyfans, there are also Leslie Shaw, Nicola Porcella, Fabio Agostini, among others. However, she is the only one who – without any problem – has pointed out that the material she uploads to the networks is pornographic, which she practices with her husband Javier González Olaechea.

The Argentine plans to internationalize her OnlyFans account.  (Photo: Instagram)
The Argentine plans to internationalize her OnlyFans account. (Photo: Instagram)


In the year 2023 you will receive the keys to your new home. Xoana González, the Argentine model who has lived in Peru for several years, began her interview on the Magaly TV La Firme program with the question “How do you buy an apartment in six months?” It only took her half a year to fulfill her dream of acquiring a property in her name thanks to the income she receives from the Onlyfans platform.

He commented that he no longer wanted to live in the city renting apartments, so he decided to buy one for cash. It is estimated that the acquired property cost him 250 thousand soles. Now his new district will be Chorrillos, a place he chose with his partner, businessman Javier González.

Neighbors from the area came to welcome him. Xoana González, maintaining that they will welcome her with open arms when she fully moves out.

Another of Argentina’s plans is to remodel the house she has in her native country with the savings she has thanks to her work at Onlyfans. On this new facet, the model left a controversial comment in front of the cameras. “And if we can get to live from porn all our lives, happy, it’s the best job in the world. What more do I want than to live from that all my life. Long live porn.”


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