Who is Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, Sergio Fajardo’s ex-wife who confronted him on social networks

Who is Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, the ex-wife of Sergio Fajardo who attacked him on social networks – Colprensa

Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, ex-partner of the presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo, shared in the last hours a taunt that reached the presidential candidate, Ramírez’s statement was given in response to a tweet from the activist Matilde de los Milagros who assured that Fajardo did not know of reparation and with his statements he was re-victimizing the victims.

But who is Ana Lucrecia Ramírez? The woman is the ex-wife of Sergio Fajardo, they were together from 2001 to 2019. She graduated in 1975 from the La Enseñanza de Medellín school, then studied medicine at the Javeriana University and psychiatry at the University of Antioquia and throughout her life she has defended the rights of women, so much so that, When Fajardo was elected mayor of Medellín in 2004, she, as the first lady of the city, began a strategy that is still in force.

She created the office of the first woman in the municipality and worked in her husband’s cabinet with activities in favor of women and strategies began to be carried out to control teenage pregnancy, anorexia and bulimia, violence prevention, among others.

Part of the strategy was to give women more visibility and end stereotypes that they were only valuable for cooking or trades, so the city was filled with billboards with signs like “We are looking for a place where we women do not have to ask for permission”. “We are looking for a world where women do not have an expiration date.” “Husbands, brothers and sons who know how to sweep, wash, iron… and love are wanted”, messages that revolutionized the city where there was still a palpable machismo.

The work of Ana Lucrecia Ramírez was recognized in 2006 in London by the Dove Self-Esteem Foundation, choosing her as one of the world leaders who has worked the most for the appreciation of women in society.

She met Sergio in 1999 and a short time later they moved in together, from that date they had a very stable relationship. However, in 2019 it was rumored that the politician had ended his marriage because he had fallen in love with Foreign Minister María Ángela Holguín.

Who is Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, the ex-wife of Sergio Fajardo who attacked him on social networks (Colprensa - Camila Díaz)
Who is Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, the ex-wife of Sergio Fajardo who attacked him on social networks (Colprensa – Camila Díaz)

The Paisa politician shared a piece of news about the boos that former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez received on his arrival at the Santa Marta market, which escalated to the point of preventing him from finishing his visit to the city, which took place in connection with the candidacy of Óscar Iván Zuluaga for the presidency.

Along with the news link, Sergio Fajardo invited the public to close the Uribe chapter without resorting to violence and polarization.

Let’s turn the page, let’s close the chapter of the last 20 years but without resorting to lynching or violence. We cannot continue to feed the vicious circle of “Whoever is not with me is my enemy”.

Feminist journalist and writer Matilde de los Milagros cited the tweet to point out Fajardo’s alleged lack of consideration for the victims, who remain unrepaired and have the right to express their feelings. Violent is telling the multitude of victims that they have to “turn the page.” We do not need to close a chapter but review it, in detail and without silencing emotions, so that there is justice, truth and reparation. Colombians have the right to their anger and it must be respected.

Ana Lucrecia Ramírez responded to this tweet with a harsh statement against her. He pointed out that the politician is unable to accept and repair the damage caused to those close to his private sphere, so they are forced to carry on with their pain.

So, according to Fajardo’s ex-wife, he has the false expectation that the rest of the country agrees with that impunity.

I know that he does not know truth, justice and reparation. That’s why he says so boldly that we turn the page. He really doesn’t understand. He has managed to turn the page SO MANY times in his private life, that he is convinced that in the public world they will also pay attention to him.

That response from Ramírez set fire to the social network. It has received more than three thousand “likes” and was shared more than 1,600 times. Netizens say that no one knows a man better than his ex-wife and that they believe in Ana Lucrecia’s version.

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