WhatsApp will allow you to transfer chats from Android to iOS

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WhatsApp chat history can be a very important asset for some people, and although the application had some options such as backups and backups, until now it was not possible to pass the chat if you changed from an Android phone to an iOS device; However, everything seems to indicate that the company would be working on a tool that would allow content to be migrated from one device to another.

According to WABetaInfo, a medium specializing in said application, the function was first detected in the beta version of WhatsApp 22.2.74 for iOS and suggests that users will be able to use the native application ‘Move to iOS’ to transfer their chats from Android to iPhone.

The website itself shared a couple of images showing the interface of what the process would be, since the application will ask for permission to start the transfer and will ask its users not to leave the application and keep the phone unlocked while it happens.

This is what an Android to iOS information transfer screen would look like.  Photo: WABetaInfo
This is what an Android to iOS information transfer screen would look like. Photo: WABetaInfo

The new update works in only one way, that is, from Android to iOS; however, since last year, WhatsApp is undergoing the same transfer process but in reverse, allowing users to migrate from iOS phones to Samsung devices. The feature has already been expanded to support chat transfers to Google Pixel and other Android 12 devices.

It is not yet clear which devices will have the new feature or when it will start rolling out.

Although originally the explanation is valid for Samsung brand phones, the procedure to transfer chat history from an iOS device to any Android device should be the same.

In this case, the Samsung SmartSwitch app and a USB Type-C to Lightning cable will be required.

First, you will need to connect your Android phone (powered on) to your iPhone via cable when prompted, then follow the instructions that SmartSwith gives you, as well as scan the QR code that appears on the Android device using the iPhone camera.

After performing the first steps, you will have to touch ‘Start’ on your iPhone and wait for the process to be complete, then you will have to continue configuring your Samsung device until you open WhatsApp, there you will have to log in with the same cell phone number that you had on the device above, the ‘Import’ option should appear here which you should press and then wait until it is complete.

Get to know the new design of WhatsApp in Windows 11

File photo.  |  Credit: WINDOWS STORE
File photo. | Credit: WINDOWS STORE

With the arrival of the new Microsoft system, WhatsApp has also decided to take advantage of and make its instant messaging service a native Windows 11 app, thus revealing a new interface that closely matches the design that the latest version of the system proposes. and, although these changes have not yet been implemented for all users, people who have WhatsApp Beta will be able to use the new application.

As the Twitter user FireCube explains, WhatsApp has begun to make use of WinUI 2.6, the Windows user interface library to integrate it with some of the app’s own elements such as icons, buttons and other visual components that look like Windows aesthetics. 11 that proposes a more fluid design, new tones, rounded corners, among others.

The new WhatsApp app is supported by the new UWP (Universal Windows Platform) form, which is equivalent to a much lower consumption of RAM, thus having a much more efficient program.

Since November of last year, users can already find WhatsApp directly from the Microsoft Store, the version still has the aesthetics that the messaging service already had, although there is a method for those who do not want to wait any longer to try the new aesthetics and options proposed by WhatsApp Desktop with the Windows Fluent Design aesthetic.

First of all, you must be a Beta user on the device you want to link, then you must uninstall the version of WhatsApp you currently have in Windows, now go to the Microsoft Store and download ‘Whatsapp Beta’, once downloaded, you will be able to see a new interface where you can will ask for the pairing of the devices through a QR code, once this is done It should already have the new aesthetics proposed by the app, it should be noted that although it is a Beta version, it will work the same as the original version of WhatsApp Desktop, allowing you to send voice notes, files, among others.


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