UAEM 2022: they opened the call to enroll in undergraduate studies

(Photo: Galo Cañas/Cuartoscuro)

This Sunday, January 23, the Autonomous Mexico State University (UAEMex) opened the summons to enroll as a student new entry in any of its undergraduate programs for the 2022-2023 cycle; both in the school modality (face-to-face), and distance or mixed.

The application is made online, through the website It will be available from February 2, but each interested party has a date, according to the first letter of their Single Key of the Population Registry (CURP).

Law, Economics, Tourism, Nursing or Psychology are just some of the careers offered by the house of studies in its different bodies, faculties or professional academic units. After completing the application, applicants must take the knowledge test.

Admitted students will begin classes on August 3, 2022. We explain everything you need to know about the call and how to register step by step.

Who can enroll?

– whoever they are high school graduates or students who are in the last semester or school period of education upper middle and that for the first time they are going to acquire the quality of student in some plan of Professional Studies of the UAEM.

– Who are not enrolled in the same plan of studies or have caused regulatory withdrawal in the same or in any of the study programs offered in the school, faculty, UAEM university center, professional academic unit or institutions incorporated into the UAEM and that belong to the same area of ​​knowledge in the dependent system or incorporated to the UAEM.

– whoever they are active English teachers (for Bachelor of English Teaching).

– whoever they are active nurses with the title of Nursing Technician, are working in a health sector institution and wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree, taking virtual learning units (subjects) with essential practices.

(Photo: EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)
(Photo: EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)

How to register?

Step 1: Check the assigned date

The request is made through the internet in the portal It will take place from February 2 to 23, however, each applicant has a specific date, according to the first letter of their CURP.

– From February 2 to 12: applicants whose initial letter of the CURP is M.

– From February 3 to 13: applicants whose initial letter of the CURP is G.

– From February 4 to 14: R.

– From February 5 to 15: C, D.

– From February 6 to 16: A.

– From February 7 to 17: S, T.

– From February 8 to 18: U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

– From February 9 to 19: N, O, P, Q.

– From February 10 to 20: H, I, J.

– From the 11th to the 21st of February: K, L, Ñ.

– From February 12 to 22: B.

– From February 13 to 23: E, F.

If you are interested in enrolling in a UAEMex undergraduate program, check the first letter of your CURP and then check in what period you can make the request, following the indications of the calendar.

(Photo: Galo Cañas/Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Galo Cañas/Cuartoscuro)

Step 2: access the website

On the date indicated, the applicant must access the website to register.

Step 3: Complete the application and upload the documents

After opening the application form for new students, those interested will have to enter the following mandatory documents. It is important to read the call document in detail to meet all the specifications required by the university:

Full high school certificate or official proof of study.

Black and white or color photography, with white background and size 10 x 15 cm. The applicant must appear from the front, only the face (from the shoulders to the head) with white clothes and without glasses. Men must have short hair and women must have their hair tied back and bare forehead.

– Applicants to the Bachelor of Nursing for active nurses must provide a employment record as nurses dated no more than one month, as well as the title of nursing technician with a baccalaureate.

– Candidates for Bachelor of Teaching English in the non-school modality (distance) they must register a employment record as teachers of the English language, dated no more than one month.

– Candidates for Bachelor’s degree in Music they must present a proof of musical score reading issued by the CUEPA of the Performing Arts.

Step 4: Pay Screening Exam Fees

All candidates must pass an admission exam. This has a cost of 702 pesos that must be paid after making the request at the authorized banking institution. It is important to keep the receipt.

(Photo: María José Martínez/Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: María José Martínez/Cuartoscuro)

Step 5: download pre-registration card

Through an email, the University will inform the applicant of the date on which they will be able to enter the New Entry System, on the website http// to download and print the pre-registration card. This document will show the day, time and place where the interested party must take the exam.

Step five: appear for the exam

Applicants will have to attend the exam on time, and from the UAEMex remember that it is not possible to reschedule the date. They will have to have the pre-registration card printed to enter the venue and take the knowledge test.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the institution asks students to be aware of the email they provide during the registration process and the Epidemiological Alert Traffic Light for the State of Mexico, since due to sanitary restrictions there could be changes in the modality of the exam. In addition, he recalled that those who want to be part of the faculties of arts or the School of Performing Arts must follow what is indicated in the section Internal exams of the New Entry System, by clicking here.

To see the complete list of available races, go to this link. Remember that it is important to read the summons document titled “Professional Studies” to consult all the specifications of the registration process, the observations and the details of the procedure.


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