Sheyla Rojas: her ex-partner Pedro Moral married Fabiola Garavito and this was their wedding

Pedro Mora married via religious with Gabriela Garavito. (Photo: Instagram)

At last he was able to reach the altar. Pedro Moral, who became known for having been the ex-partner of Sheyla Rojas and managed to commit, married his girlfriend Fabiola Garavito. The businessman could not hide his happiness and assured that his marriage became the most important day of his life.

Through his Instagram account, Moral shared some postcards of his wedding, where he wore the suit he wore, a navy blue one with a pink tie. For her part, the bride also looked radiant, wearing a white dress and a long veil.

In addition, the businessman spread the most emotional moments of the ceremony, such as when he entered the church to wait for his new wife. At another time, both appear in front of the altar while he dedicates some tender words of love to her and then kisses her in front of everyone.

It should be noted that the ceremony on this occasion was religious, since they were married on January 9, but civilly, in a ceremony that was strictly private. “Legally married! I love you my lovePedro Moral pointed out on his social networks.

I have no words to describe how happy, content and excited I am to start this new chapter with you! With the love of my life! Who do I want to be with for the rest of my life?”, wrote Fabiola Garavito.

Pedro Moral is happy after getting married.  (Photo: Instagram)
Pedro Moral is happy after getting married. (Photo: Instagram)


The relationship between Pedro Moral Y Fabiola Garavito He was born several years ago, because they had an affair for several years before the businessman met Sheyla Rojas and decided to formalize.

After the controversial break between the model and Moral, he was reunited with his ex-partner and they decided to resume the relationship they had left in the past, however, now they decided to stay together forever and for this reason they came to the altar.


Antonio Pavon He never had a rivalry with Pedro Moral when he was Sheyla Rojas’s partner, so he did not hesitate to congratulate him on his marriage.

Congratulations couple! long live love, can be read on Instagram and to which Moral replied: “Thank you crack, a hug for you and your whole family”.

As you remember, they have always gotten along, to the point that Antonio Pavón was one of the first people who sympathized with him when he ended up with the blonde.


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