Ricardo Mendoza, from ‘Hablando Huevad…’, explains why he did not agree to conduct EEG: “We have already negotiated with the TV and it is not enough for them”

Ricardo Mendoza refused to drive This is War. (Photo: Instagram)

Ricardo Mendoza Y George Moon, drivers of talking shit, gave an extensive interview to Impact Chronicles, from Willax TV, where among many things they made it known that the proposal with This is War is not the first they receive, since on previous occasions they have already negotiated for their admission to TV. However, they have not reached a good agreement, because what they are offered is much less than what they earn doing their shows.

As you remember, recently, mendoza told during his program that He had received the offer to be the new host of This is War, summer edition. In front of his audience, the comedian responded to the producer who contacted him, assuring that he would never accept such a proposal.

It’s not enough for you to have me on your shit show…, thank you very much for thinking of me, but never in my p… life will I go “, said the comedian at the time.

He also stressed that he would not agree to work for someone, when he is his own boss on his program Speaking Huevadas. In addition to earning much more than they could offer you.

In this recent interview, the driver was consulted about this project, to which he did not hesitate to repeat what was said in his space. Likewise, his partner was surprised to reveal that they had already negotiated before to enter the television.

“I won here, and I’ll be honest, I win very well. What’s more, really, what I said is true, maybe it won’t be enough for them to have me on TV “, Mendoza indicated.

“It is not enough for them, we have already negotiated with the TV”, George narrowed. We have already negotiated with the TV and they work other prices, which are incomparable with what we do here, and everything is fine. And still they offered me the amount of money. Even one sun more than what I earn here, or whatever. Here I enjoy it, I am in my sauce, I am free. That is priceless. Being here doing what I like, I will always do. It is what I like and I want to replicate that, that more people come here and experience that wonder that is feeling content, happy and grateful with what one does”, Richard concluded.


At another time, the comedians were asked about the wave of criticism they received after throw a joke about the daughter of Melissa Paredes. Given this, Jorge Luna replied: “Why am I going to explain to them that the joke is well executed, if they are not going to understand it and continue to believe that. The attack in the joke you reference, the target is not Melissa’s daughter, it’s Melissa.”.

Regarding the question of why they did not defend themselves at the time, the artists indicated that it was superfluous, and they were not interested either.

“Going out to explain what I am explaining to you right now, at that moment, was ridiculous, they were going to say ‘they are justifying themselves’. We know about this backwards and forwards, but why am I going to explain it to you if you are not going to understand me. I don’t defend myself, I know what I did, we know we didn’t attack the girl, period. I don’t have to explain to anyone that we didn’t”, George pointed out.

Speaking Huevadas answers about the joke against Melissa Paredes. (Video: Chronicles of Impact / Willax TV)


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