Pandemic in Belgium: violence during corona protests in Brussels

As of: 01/23/2022 7:17 p.m

50,000 people demonstrated in Brussels against Corona requirements. They got into violent clashes with the police. Officials used tear gas and water cannons on the crowd.

In Belgium’s capital, Brussels, thousands have taken to the streets to protest against mandatory vaccination certificates and other measures taken by the government to contain the corona pandemic. According to the police, around 50,000 people took part in the action. Violent clashes also broke out.

A police spokeswoman said six people were arrested before the demonstration began for possession of dangerous or prohibited items.

Broken panes in EU building

The first riots broke out when the demonstrators marched from the Nordbahnhof to the European quarter, various media reported unanimously. Accordingly, demonstrators threw stones and firecrackers at police officers and damaged buildings.

According to the RTL broadcaster, masked demonstrators smashed the glass entrance door to the EU foreign policy chief’s office. The police used tear gas and water cannons. At the end of the rally, some of the participants ignored announcements by the police, who then broke up the demonstration at 3 p.m.

Also demonstrators from other EU countries

Various European groups organized the rally and called on people from other EU countries to join the protest, the Belga news agency reported. Accordingly, demonstrators wore flags from different countries such as Germany, France and Poland.

Many participants did not comply with the mask requirement. According to the information, signs contained slogans against the corona vaccination and calls to “protect” children. According to Belga, the demonstration was organized by various European groups.

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