Maryory Sánchez became a new soccer player for Colombian Women’s Millionaires

Maryory Sánchez is the only Peruvian soccer player to wear the shirt of Universitario, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal.

Maryory Sanchez She begins to make history in Peruvian women’s soccer, reaching a new goal in her career. The goalkeeper was presented by Colombian Women’s Millionaires as one of the brand new reinforcements of the team. Arrives on loan from Women’s Lima Alliance and is already working under the orders of coach Álvaro Anzola. The main challenge will be to win the Colombian Women’s League.

The soccer player traveled to the neighboring country two days ago and on January 21 she was presented by the ‘coffee grower’ team. A photo circulated on social networks with the team shirt accompanied by the directors and the Peruvian women’s team ended up confirming the great news for everyone. Through his social networks, he congratulated the goalkeeper and this was retweeted by the official account of the blue and white club.

On the same day of its presentation, the ‘ambassadors’ began their preseason under the command of their new coaching staff for the 2022 Women’s BetPlay League with 19 players available. Only two are foreigners: the Peruvian goalkeeper from Alianza Lima and the defense Paraguayan Lorena Alonso, coming from the Sun of America.

Millionaires will participate for the fourth time in the main women’s tournament in Colombia and in the last campaign they stayed in the group stage, so now they will seek to pass that fence, fight for the title and access the Copa Libertadores 2022.

The Colombian Ángela Acosta will be the direct competition of Maryory Sánchez in the goal of the ‘ambassadors’. Both will seek to earn a place in the starting eleven and want to fill the eyes of coach Álvaro Anzola in this preseason. It is planned that the national representative will play in Colombia until the middle of the year and then return to Women’s Lima Alliance to fight for the classification to Copa Libertadores.

The goalkeeper became the second Peruvian soccer player to wear the Millionaires Women's shirt.  The first was Fabiola Herrera.
The goalkeeper became the second Peruvian soccer player to wear the Millionaires Women’s shirt. The first was Fabiola Herrera.


– Technical Director: Álvaro Anzola

– Technical Assistant: Angie Ramírez

– Physical Trainer: Óscar Vásquez

– Goalkeeper Trainer: Óscar Stapper

Women's Millionaires coaching staff.
Women’s Millionaires coaching staff.


– Stefany Sarmiento

– Tatiana Ramos,

–Ana Suta,

– Sara Garzon

-Laura Bolano

-Laura Osuna,

– Belkis Kid,

– Ledys Calvo

– Sharon Ramirez (captain)

– Lisseth Moreno

– Lizeth Aroca

Maryory Sanchez (PER)

– Lorena Alonso (PAR)

– Angela Acosta

– Andrea Mendoza

– Maria Paula Guzman,

– Viviana Munera

– Viverly Erazo

– Yvonne Chacon


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