Mariana Ramírez del Villar confirms EEG members in a new version of Habacilar: “Our challenge is to conquer the new generation”

Producer confirms the participation of some reality boys in “This is Habacilar”. (Photo: Facebook / Capture TV)

There are only a few days left until the premiere of the new season of “Habacilar“, which It will be renamed “This is Habacilar”. East January 24 from 7:00 pm The contest program that conquered thousands of Peruvians will be seen again on the screens of América Televisión.

That is why on the verge of her return, the content director of Pro Tv and creator of the format Mariana Ramirez del Villar it took a few minutes to reveal some details. This is how he confirmed the participation of some reality boys so as not to lose the audience he saw This is war.

As you remember, “Esto es Habacilar” will be seen at the same time that Esto es Guerra was broadcast, so the production’s task will also be to bring together the young followers of the program who are currently on vacation.

“Habacilar is a format that for many people will be something new, and although it is a return to the past, I am sure that it will attract the EEG public, there will be some warriors included in the format, included in other roles, in other formats”said the producer.

“The expectation with the return of Habacilar is very good. Let us remember that it is a program very loved by the people. It was on the air for many years, and we believe that the public that has good memories of the program will see us again. Our great challenge now is to conquer the new generation”, he added.

He also stated that this new version will retain the same spirit of the original program, but will include nuances, giving it a more current stamp, with new sequences to keep up with the times.

We definitely like this format: competition and fun, it involves having contestants earn money, is a great attraction, because for many years that has not been seen on television. And we are sure that the public will receive it with great pleasure, because everything in life is cyclical and returns. Everything is back in fashion”, he indicated for the press.

América TV launches the first promotional video for Esto es Habacilar.


The mystery continues regarding who will be the replacement for Raúl Romero. Let us remember that the popular “bean face” indicated that he would not work on television again, so rumors began that Yaco Eskenazi, Andrés Wiese and other figures could host the program.

Given this, Mariana Ramírez del Villar could only limit that the presenter of “Esto es Habacilar” will be a person to everyone’s liking, who has experience in the field of driving.

Our driver has the virtue of making a smile. And that is something very difficult, not everyone makes people laugh spontaneously. Therefore, we are sure that it will dazzle, he is creative and funny to interact with the public. He is a person who has experience in driving and above all he is fun”, he expressed.


A few days ago, it was confirmed through social networks the entry of Tracy Freundt Y Thalia Estabridis to “Esto es Habacilar” with the promotional video of the program. The well-remembered beautiful models will return to television in their same role and put the share of beauty.

“She is now big and grown. And they have gained a lot of ease and experience, giving much more support to the program, possibly they will lead some sequences “, pointed out Mariana Ramírez del Villar.

The models will return to the small screen this Monday, January 24.


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