Laura Acuña wants to support students of Social Communication and Journalism with her ‘La Sala’ project

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This week, in one of the programs of ‘La Sala’, a format created by the television presenter, Laura Acuña, the also lawyer assured that she is waiting to be able to receive in her project young practitioners of the career of Social Communication and Journalism to work with her and her team. He assured that he intends that the universities of the country in which this award is offered consider this format as a means of communication in which a space is seen for the complementation and reinforcement of professional studies on this career by experts who , like her, have been in the industry for years.

“I am not a communicator, but I respect that profession a lot, I have lived from it all my life”, said Laura in her dialogue with Ariel Osorio, presenter of the Channel One gossip program, ‘I know everything’. The presenter assured that this information had not been given to anyone and that she had not said it publicly because it is still in the plans, however, it is expected that as soon as possible students of this profession will see a good space in ‘La Sala’ to do your internship. Although Laura confessed that she knows that many aspiring interns decide to seek traditional media, she said that she wants to lend her place to future talent.

“This is like the next little school, this is like the practice where they are going to learn a lot of things from my experience (…) there is an opportunity and I want to open that door so that they can do their practices here”Acuna detailed. The presenter’s statements were recorded in the video seen below from minute 48.

Laura Acuña premiered this interview format last year. The bumanguesa usually brings different personalities to talk, in an informal and calm way, about different aspects of their lives. The presenter has had Alejandro Riaño in ‘her room’; Variel Sanchez; to Ilona; Liss Pereira; among many other personalities from the entertainment and national art scene. “I am going to launch a new digital content on my YouTube channel, which does not exist at the moment in digital format (…) It’s my project, it’s my program and I want to bring quality content (…) I am very happy to finally make my content”, he said before the publication of the different interviews on his channel.

Laura recently made headlines after showing her support for the former employees of the late stylist Mauricio Leal. After the case of the double homicide of Mauricio and his mother, Marleny, was resolved, Acuña decided to give his friend’s colleagues a hand with the business they decided to start, a hairdresser called Valente.

“This is what you achieved Maito. Tireless, responsible, professional workers and above all invaluable human beings. Here is the result of what you formed, union, friendship, fellowship and as a good leader that you were, the slogan that where one shines, they all shine. This is a very good part of the workers who accompanied Maito in his hairdressing salon, now support each other and grow together as the family they are. Success guys. I love. We love you Ma. From here to heaven”, commented Laura next to a photo in which she is seen posing with the staff of the new beauty salon. Acuña, in his Instagram stories, along with the publication, showed a video in which “Maito” appeared, as he affectionately called him, cutting his son, Nicolás’s hair.

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