Josimar could have serious problems with the American justice if he registers his marriage with Yadira Cárdenas

Josimar could commit a crime if he registers his new marriage. (Photo: Instagram and TV Capture)

In a ceremony that he tried to keep private, Josimar finally married the Cuban Yadira Cardenas, although a week ago the program Magaly Tv: La firma reported that the salsero was married to another woman and their divorce was still in process.

Since the wedding took place anyway, the program of Magaly Medina contacted the lawyer Ivan Guerrero to know what legal consequences Josimar could have if he registers his union with the authorities.

That here is a crime, that person is bigamous, yes of course he is punished. A marriage anywhere in the world is valid in the United States. If you haven’t been divorced, you can’t remarry.If you haven’t committed several crimes”, he commented.

Likewise, for the lawyer, the salsero is still married, because for some reason to date his divorce resolution has not come out despite the fact that it was by mutual agreement. “For me this person is still married, what it reflects there is that he is still married. It does not appear there that they have divorced him”, he indicated.

On the other hand, Ivan Guerrero pointed out that if Josimar registers his marriage in the State of Florida, he could be committing the crime of bigamy, something that would cost him 5 years in prison or the payment of a civil compensation of 50 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

She filed for divorce and the husband replied that he was not opposed to the divorce, that was in October. For some reason they didn’t give her a divorce right away. and on the 9th other documents appear again that are confidential, but I don’t see a divorce decree“, he pointed.


A few days ago, a supposed invitation began to circulate for the ceremony that would take place in Florida, U.S And it seems that it was, as revealed by a leaked image of the wedding.

This image is a piece of paper in which the guests are asked to refrain from recording what happened in the ceremony. “Please, guests are asked no photos, no live broadcast, no cell phones due to reserved rights of the bride and groom”, can be read in the aforementioned image published by Instarándula.

Josimar’s new wife is called Yanira Cárdenas. According to entertainment media reports, she is Cuban, is 39 years old, works in the field of beauty and has lived in the United States for quite some time. In addition, she is a businesswoman and owner of a salon located in Orlando, where the Peruvian artist would have asked her to marry.


The salsero’s current wife, Michelle Moscol, is the sister of a very close friend of his; However, the driver suggested that this union would be a possible fraud. “She is Cuban, she has American nationality, and she can give it to him (…) What we don’t know is if you can get married while still married in the United States, isn’t that bigamy all over the world? (…) He left saying that he was going to meet María Fe Saldaña, all very strange what Josimar is doing there in the United States. Married while married to someone else”, said the presenter Magaly Medina during her program.

This girl, whom we now see, has a girlfriend, that is, Josimar’s wife has a girlfriend, possibly this was an agreement, a deal for the salsero to access the American residence”, he questioned.


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