I am, Great Battles: Why did Ricardo Montaner’s imitator leave the competition?

Imitator of Ricardo Montaner reveals the reasons for his absence in Yo soy. (Photo: Instagram)

Yo soy, Grandes Batallas has captivated its entire audience due to the remarkable performances of its contestants. One of the favorites of this edition was the Ecuadorian imitator of Ricardo Montaner, who came to the imitation reality show to challenge ‘Sandro’, whom he finally defeated.

The competition was going on normally until on Wednesday, January 19, suddenly, the participant disappeared without giving any explanation. The driver Karen Black he only came out to say that the impersonator left the program for strictly personal reasons.

After it became known that he would no longer be in the reality show, many of the program’s followers began to wonder why he abruptly renounced his participation without saying anything, so the Ricardo Montaner impersonator decided to speak out in his social networks.

According to his own words, he left the program because he is exhausted from the singing reality show because two months ago he had undergone emergency surgery and had to rest in order to recover correctly.

It was a bit complicated because I’m still going through a recovery process. They sent me rest because I had overdone it too much and it was very necessary in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, this competition, to be able to recover“, he pointed.

Likewise, Cristian Daniel specified that if he managed to recover next week, he will try to return to Yo soy to be able to give his best and win the long-awaited prize for which all the participants compete.

Hopefully, if God allows, we can be next week rejoining the program to give the best of me… I barely have two months and nine days of this surgical intervention”, he added.


Cristian Daniel He is the current imitator of the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner in the program Yo soy, Grandes Batallas. He became known on the show My name is from Colombia, as well as participating in I’m from chile, remaining in the top 10.

Imitator of Ricardo Montaner was absent from Yo soy.  (Photo: Instagram)
Imitator of Ricardo Montaner was absent from Yo soy. (Photo: Instagram)


The interpreter of Lucho Barrios, Leoncio Hidalgo, announced that his son, Ronald Hidalgo, will return to Yo soy to play again John Gabriel, who was one of the favorites of all seasons of the singing and imitation reality show.

It should be noted that the imitator of Juan Gabriel was once crowned champion of the reality show and now he would repeat the dish again when facing great participants, who have also tasted glory at some point.


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