Guido Bellido: “Congress believes that it can muzzle the population”

Guido Bellido. Photo: Andean.

The congressman of Peru Libre, Guido Bellido He spoke when he learned that the Congress of the Republic approved by insistence the law that limits the referendum. Through an interview with radio Successful, the former head of the PCM, was against the decision of the new standard.

The legislator indicated that the Government should resort to constitutional Court and that sooner than later, The country will have a new Constitution.

“They believe that with a majority vote in Congress they will be able to muzzle the population. The people want a new Constitution and the door to achieve this is a referendum […] We hope that the Executive will appeal to the TC […] The population is going to make the corresponding decisions and sooner rather than later we are going to have a new Constitution”, pointed out Bellido Ugarte for the communication medium in question.

Upon learning of this new norm issued by the Peruvian Congress, Bellido supported the position of his pro-government caucus against this congressional initiative and pointed out that the current Constitution is “a straitjacket” for the development of the country. “The provinces and peasant communities know it very well,” detailed.

It is worth mentioning that this law was approved with 72 votes in favor, 44 against and zero abstentions, the plenary session approved this Friday, January 21, by insistence the autograph of the law, observed by the Executive, the same one that restricts the referendum and establishes that all Constitutional reform must be compulsorily approved by the Legislative Power before passing to the vote of the people.


Through a statement, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers spoke out after learning that Congress approved by insistence the law that limits the referendum.

“The people are the constituent power and have the right to organize themselves and demand via a referendum that issues be debated that constituted powers do not. Limiting it is undemocratic; therefore, in defense of this right, we will present a claim of unconstitutionality”, wrote the prime minister Mirtha Vasquez, at the same time that he shared the PCM statement.

For his part, the head of the Housing, Construction and Sanitation portfolio, joined the support of his colleagues and assured that above all the laws must support the people.

“With the direct political participation of citizens, we strengthen our democracy” and that “The norm approved by insistence in Congress ignores the right of the people to decide on various areas. The population deserves to have a voice. He propped up.”

In addition, The Minister of Education, Rosendo Serna, also spoke through his social networks about the new Congress initiative.

“On the one hand, Congress says it supports a return to school and expresses concern about education; on the other, the parliamentary majority limits the citizen’s right to a referendum. We educate to live in freedom. If they limit rights, their discourse is not coherent”, wrote Serna through his social networks.

It is worth mentioning that the autograph of the law had been observed by the Executive Power when considering that “it violates constitutional principles by establishing mandatory transit through a constitutional reform procedure.”

“It is clear that only in cases of constitutional reform does it have to go through Congress yes or yes. We have already said that the Constituent Assembly that some congressmen want to organize, and that they come in messages from the Executive, is illegal. That is what is unconstitutional, it would be a coup and that is what we in Congress are not going to allow.”, specified María del Carmen Alva, president of the Congress of the Republic.


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