Climate in CDMX: they activated the yellow alert for cold in three municipalities

(Photo: Victoria Valtierra/Cuartoscuro)

The first hours of this Sunday January 23 They will be very cold Mexico City.

The temperature forecast led the state Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) to activate the yellow alert in three municipalities: Cuajimalpa, Milpa Alta and Tlalpan. The notice will be in effect between 04:00 and 08:00 in the morning, for records that will move between four and six degrees centigrade.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) indicated that this frigid environment will be caused by polar air mass that drives the cold front number 23.

“The cold air mass associated with system 23 will maintain during the morning cold to very cold environment about entities of the North Table and the Central Table, with frost in its high areas”, reported the climate agency.

The lowest values ​​are expected in the three municipalities in the south and west where the alert was activated. In the rest of the capital, the thermometers will go from six to eight degrees centigrade, with the possibility of fog banks appearing at some points.

(Photo: María José Martínez/Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: María José Martínez/Cuartoscuro)

Although the polar air mass will weaken in the next few hours, there is already a new cold front over the national territory. Its about number 24 which is also accompanied by the fourth winter storm. For the moment, these two phenomena will only affect the entities of the northwest, but at the beginning of the week the frontal system will move towards the east of Mexico and hit other regions, including the Central Table.

Given the expected conditions, the federal agency issued numerous recommendations to deal with the cold season and avoid respiratory diseases.

– Eat plenty of water, fruits and vegetables with vitamin A and C

– Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

– Cover nose and mouth and wear at least three layers of clothing.

– Get vaccinated against influenza.

– If you use heaters and/or fireplaces, keep a adequate ventilation.

– If you have any discomfort, go to the nearest Health Center.

– Before going to bed or going out, put out candles and anafres to prevent a fire or poisoning by carbon monoxide.

From the SGIRPC they insisted on the importance of extreme precautions when using devices such as stoves, or when lighting the fireplace, due to the possibility that they release carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that can be lethal.

“Carbon monoxide is a toxic, colorless, odorless gas, product of incomplete combustion during the burning of firewood, when turning on water heaters, stoves and/or fireplaces. May cause headache, dizziness, nausea and loss of consciousness. If you present any symptoms of discomfort, go to a health center immediately, ”wrote the SGIRPC.

To avoid an emergency situation, the state agency recommended placing the stoves in ventilated places and turning them off before going to sleep. Also place the boiler and gas installations outside the home, and check that the flame is always of color blue and not red. In addition, they advised keeping the kitchen ventilated, performing maintenance on the gas installations and not leaving the vehicle’s engine running in a closed or semi-closed place.


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