“Very calm and happy”: President Mexico reappears on video after cardiac catheterization

File image of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during one of his morning press conferences at the National Palace in Mexico City, Mexico. January 21, 2022. Mexican Presidency/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS: THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. NO RESALES. NO FILES

MEXICO CITY, Jan 22 (Reuters) – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a message to Mexicans on Saturday assuring that he is in good health, after spending the night in a military hospital where he underwent cardiac catheterization.

The 68-year-old president, who suffers from hypertension, had a heart attack in 2013 and recently recovered from his second COVID-19 infection, underwent the procedure as part of a semi-annual medical check-up, the Interior Ministry reported the day before. it’s a statement.

“They found that the arteries were fine, without obstruction,” said López Obrador, in a video released on Saturday at noon on his social networks. “I’m back here at the (National) Palace, already very calm and happy.”

In his message, the president added that the doctors had authorized him to return to his activities, but said that due to his background he should act responsibly and had written a “political will” so that in the event that he dies, the government can continue with your project.

“Governability has to be guaranteed,” he said. “Fortunately, I think it’s not going to be needed.”

(Report by Noé Torres and Drazen Jorgic)


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