Unstoppable COVID: confirmed 98,146 new infections and 142 deaths in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Saturday, January 22, that, In the last 24 hours, 142 deaths and 98,146 new coronavirus infections were recorded. In this way, the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic amounted to 7,792,652, while deaths total 119,103.

From yesterday to today, 151,569 tests were carried out. As a result, the registered positivity rate is 64.75%. To date, 922,863 active positive cases have been registered throughout the country and 6,750,686 recovered.

On the other hand, of the total deaths reported today, 79 are men and 63 women. Again, the provinces of Buenos Aires (32) and Córdoba (30) were the ones that reported the most deaths. They were followed by the City of Buenos Aires (16) and Chaco (14).

According to the epidemiological part, At the moment, in Argentina there are 2,558 people with coronavirus hospitalized in intensive care. The percentage of bed occupancy at the national level is 47,8% and in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) of the 46,5%.

In the midst of the third wave extended after the arrival of the Ómicron strain, the health portfolio established a update for the confirmation of COVID-19 cases by clinical and epidemiological criteria. After a new meeting (the third this month) between Minister Carla Vizzotti and her provincial peers, it was resolved classify as a confirmed case any person who meets at least one of the epidemiological criteria and one of the established clinical criteria.

A) Yes, Anyone who has had close contact with a confirmed case in the last 10 days; or who has participated in an event or social/work space in which there have been at least 3 confirmed cases (outbreak); or who resides in an area with a very high incidence (more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days) and who has two or more symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, vomiting/diarrhea/pain headache/muscle pain) or sudden loss of taste/smell, it will be considered a confirmed case of this disease.

The number of cases exceeded 120,000 daily infections this week and the testing centers are collapsed. In addition, supplies for swabs are lacking. In this context, the Government has been promoting measures aimed at relaxing the measures for those people who are vaccinated with complete schemes -two doses- and with reinforcement, and They seek that not all those who have symptoms have to be tested.

To reduce the tension in the testing centers, it had already defined in early January to modify the State’s demands on citizens. Specifically, it had been determined that close contacts should no longer be swabbed, whether or not they had symptoms.

In addition, in the last call of the Federal Health Council (COFESA), 10 days ago, Vizzotti had modified the criteria for compliance with the isolation of close contacts of confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to their vaccination status. He then recommended that close contacts who have applied the third dose for more than 14 days and do not present symptoms, are exempt from mandatory isolation.

Now the Government has taken another step in relaxing the measurements, framed at a time of the pandemic that the minister herself considered days ago as part of a “process” towards an endemic stage “due to the number of people who develop immunity from the virus”.

According to the latest update of the Public Vaccination Monitor, the total number of inoculations applied is, up to this morning, 84,614,437, of which 39,280,883 correspond to the first dose, 34,441,043 to the second, 2,991,267 to additional and 7,901,244 to boosters, while the distributed vaccines reach 95,809,681 and those donated to 5,083,000.

From the Ministry of Health, in addition, they let it be known that they will promote actions together with the provinces to advance with greater impetus in the vaccination of children and adolescents before the imminent start of classes and with the purpose of avoid taking restrictive measures that prevent attendance.


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