This is how Anette Cuburu said goodbye to “Al Extremo”

Anette said goodbye to the afternoon program (Photo: Instagram/@alextremotv)

Anette Cuburu closed another stage in her career as a driver. The celebrity participated in the evening program To the extreme. With his exit, he will enter Vanessa Claudio, who was absent from TV Azteca for several years because he worked on American channels.

The current host of come the joy reacted to the capsule that was prepared for him to complete his cycle. The moment became very emotional, so Cuburu couldn’t help crying. “We agreed not to cry, but it is difficult. They are friends, they are affection, they are people who believe in you. That in this race, you have the preparation, you have the desire, you have the dreams, but If someone doesn’t give you a chance, nothing happens.”, he commented.

Cuburu first thanked the public as part of his successful move. Initially, the driver joined the team intermittently. It should be noted that To the extreme experienced a period of important transition when Carmen Munoz It came not only from the program, but from the entire television station.

The host ended her participation in the show to make way for a new stage (Video: Instagram/@alextremotv)

On the other hand, Anette analyzed that the popularity of this show is mainly due to the way the notes are presented. To the extreme Throughout its hours of duration, it presents high-impact videos, focusing on accidents, unparalleled feats and trends in social networks.

In addition, the presenter recognized the producer of the show, Veronica Palomares. “He has always believed in me. He has always asked me. ‘I want Anette in my programs, I want her to be there’”, he rescued.

Who also couldn’t help but have crystal eyes was Uriel Estrada, reporter and celebrity in To the extreme. “Me Hate that you always told me a joke when I was sad, you always scared me in the dressing rooms, you’ll see! ”, He said goodbye to his co-worker.

The hosts of the show (Photo: Instagram/@alextremotv)
The hosts of the show (Photo: Instagram/@alextremotv)

Although the moment caused a lot of nostalgia, Anette said she was happy, since she will still have her fixed participation in come the joy. Similarly, although she was moving away from the viral video program, the presenter said that she will continue to be friends with her collaborators.

To the extreme It has had several presenters. Without a doubt, Carmen Munoz It was one of the most applauded. The current star of Televisa joined the show when your program falling in love it was cancelled. Also remembered is the departure of Juan Barragan, who was the original driver.

Before concluding her period in the telecast, Anette Cuburu ceded the spotlight to Vanessa Claudio. The model of Puerto Rican origin also attended the appointment with a bouquet of flowers, representing the love she has for Anette.

Vanessa Claudio returns to TV Azteca to host Al Extremo Photo: Instagram/@vanessaclaudio
Vanessa Claudio returns to TV Azteca to host Al Extremo Photo: Instagram/@vanessaclaudio

“For me it is a real responsibility to continue the legacy you leave. I have always admired AnetteI have had the opportunity to work with her on Come, at special events, we have traveled to London together, “Vanessa recalled.

Anette Cuburu’s farewell, and the entrance of the former host of come the joy Vanessa Claudio, divided social networks. “What a bad decision, for Anette Cuburu came the program. You are the best forever”, “Finally, until they put a very good driver”, “Chale, she was a good driver, at least leave her on the weekend”, were some of the messages that netizens expressed.

Vanessa Claudio joins Al Extremo Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegría
Vanessa Claudio joins Al Extremo Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegría

It will be next Monday when Vanessa Claudio fully joins To the extreme. This news was released in mid-January. The Caribbean model was absent from TV Azteca for about three years, this because he tried his luck in the United States. “Very nervous to return with a new project and to return with the Mexican families,” she pointed out in a previous interview for Come Joy.

Claudio was part of the extensive list of conductors of Come Joy. During his period of stay, he shared cameras with Ingrid Coronado and Sergio Sepulveda, being the latter the one who has been present in all the years of broadcast, because beyond being a host, he is also a producer of the program.


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