They investigate the death of an undocumented family on the US-Canada border

Miami, Jan 22 (EFE).- The US and Canadian immigration authorities are investigating the death of four undocumented Indians, including a baby, whose bodies were found near the international border and who were apparently abandoned by traffickers in the middle of from a snow storm. The Office of National Security Investigations (HSI) indicated that there is a detainee, the American Steve Shand, 47, who faces legal charges for human trafficking. Shand was arrested last Wednesday, January 19, when he was driving a van in which he was transporting 15 people, including 2 undocumented Indian citizens, also detained. The arrest occurred less than a mile south of the US-Canada border in a rural area between the official ports of entry located in Lancaster, Minnesota, and Pembina, North Dakota. On the way to the Pembina Border Patrol station with the three detainees, authorities found five other Indian nationals who said they were waiting for someone to pick them up after walking for about 11 hours. One of them had a backpack with children’s clothes, toys and medicine that he said belonged to a family with children who had separated from the group. According to court documents, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported last Wednesday that they found four people dead on the Canadian side of the border without specifying ages. The deceased were tentatively identified as the family of four who were separated from a larger group of immigrants from India, according to HSI. Two of the total of seven Indian nationals arrested suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital. Shand made his first court appearance Friday before Minnesota Judge Hildy Bowbeer and awaits a preliminary and detention hearing scheduled for Monday. EFE ims/eat

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