They find the body of Ángel Salazar, the missing bather on the beaches of the municipality of Puerto Colombia

Reference photography. In the image, a beach in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico. Photo: Government of the Atlantic

On the morning of this Friday, January 21, a body of a young man appeared floating on the beaches of the Malecón de Miramar, in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico. It was Ángel Salazar Orozco, the 28-year-old who drowned on January 12 when he was swept away by a wave while enjoying a family outing.

The young man would have arrived at the beaches of Pradomar, in Puerto Colombia, in the morning hours and according to local media he was accompanied by about 30 people.

Civil Defense, lifeguards in the area, the National Police rescue group and members of the Navy searched for the body for nine days., from the beaches of the municipality of Puerto Colombia to those of Tubará.

The search and rescue work relied on the help of drones and other technological elements to make it easier for rescuers to view the entire area.

According to Blu Radio, Sergeant Gustavo Ortega, coordinator of the Puerto Colombia municipality lifeguard group, assured that the strong waves allowed the body to float “in a place where we always maintain a lifeguard service. They realized that, at one point, due to the strong waves, the body that we believe was under the spurs that we have in the municipality came off.”

The incident by which Ángel Salazar lost his vine, would have occurred when he went to rescue a ball that had fallen into the sea near the spurs. “The person falls off a cliff sinking rapidly and carried away by the current. When the lifeguard reacted to see if the young man was going out to ask for help, he lost us in a matter of seconds,” Sergeant Ortega explained at the time..

In addition, According to the authorities, the place where the young man went is a highly dangerous area since it is very likely that people will be swept away by the current, which is very strong in that sector. Salazar apparently ignored the recommendations of the lifeguards there.

The young man lived in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood of the municipality of Soledad.

So far in January, according to local media information, On the beaches of the municipality of Juan de Acosta, Atlántico, two people have died due to immersion. The deceased were identified as Josué Alexander Pinto, a young man who on January 8 would have gone out to recycle and when he went into the sea to bathe he was dragged by the current.

The other deceased person was identified as Anayelis Zúñiga Pérez, 20 years old, who died while bathing in the sea near the Los Cocos urbanization, also in the Santa Verónica district in the jurisdiction of Juan de Acosta.

Likewise, in the last days andOn the beaches of Santa Marta, a woman, identified as Luz Mary Holguín Cuervo, 56 years old, died after entering the water in the tourist sector of El Rodadero when she suffered an accident that cost her her life.

The woman went through a hole and could not get to the surface with her own strength, her companions only realized what had happened when they saw other tourists helping Holguín, who had already swallowed large amounts of water.

Another case occurred on January 6, when a woman identified as María Mercedes Alzate drowned in Playa Blanca after suffering an epilepsy attack that made her lose control of her body in the sea.


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