They denounce the appearance of lifeless bodies floating in the San Juan River in Chocó

The Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission denounced that on January 20 at 8:30 am the lifeless body of a person appeared floating on the San Juan River, in the shelter of Puerto Pizario, municipality of Buenaventura, Chocó.

At a distance, the body was observed with three firearm holes, one in the head, another in the back of the neck and one in the back. Hours later, at 3:25 pm, another lifeless body was seen in front of the cemetery, in a place known as the whirlpool, near Puerto Pizario.

Only until today, Friday, January 21 at 9:40 am, the National Navy arrived in the area and collected the bodies, which are presumed to have been taken to Docordó, head of the Litoral San Juan municipality.

This fact generated Anxiety and fear among the Wounaan indigenous people of the Puerto Pizario Resguardo and the councils of Unión San Juan and Puerto Guadualito and the Afro-descendant population of the Cabeceras Community Council because the two lifeless bodies have crossed over their places of residence.

Last Monday, January 17, after it was murdered a young Afro-Colombian at the landing stage of Bajo Calima, it was learned that the number of people killed, according to the Commission, by the operations of the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, would be five.

During these days, transportation on the Calima, San Juan and Bajo San Juan rivers has been restricted. The presence and control of the AGC and their announcement since August of reaching the territory of Litoral San Juan, Bajo San Juan and Bajo Calima to stay and control those territories is now a reality.

“The omission, tolerance, complicity and inefficiency on the part of the National Navy with the actions of the AGC in this region is evident.. The indigenous and black communities of this region are confined waiting for an institutional action that guarantees their protection beyond the military route that has proven to be ineffective,” said the peace organization.

He added that the presence of the ELN in the area is something that cannot be concealed, and the confrontation that is being waged by the National Navy together with the AGC against them puts the civilian population at risk, as they indicate.

“President Duque is responsible for this situation. No effective measure was adopted to prevent irreparable damage to the life and integrity of the ethnic communities. Since March 2021, he ignored the call of the communities for a Global Humanitarian Agreement for the Pandemic. And the grandiloquence of militarization announcements have only generated greater delegitimization of the military, lack of credibility and transparency in their actions,” the Commission insisted.

He assured that anxiety and terror are the company of the riverside communities of the Calima, San Juan and Litoral San Juan rivers; Union Agua Clara, Cocalito, Puerto Pizario, Union San Juan, Puerto Guadualito, Cabeceras, Malaguita, Cuellar, Santa Rosa de Guayacán, Guarataco, Buenavista, Isla Bello, Guarataco, Nalde, Tio Cirilo, Las Palmas, San Bernardo, Nuevo Pitalito, Pichimá Quebrada, around 6,000 people who persist in being in the territory and the displaced who, without any humanitarian institutional response, continue to raffle their lives in Buenaventura.

On Thursday, a security council was held in Quibdó in order to find inter-institutional solutions to the situation of violence and displacement, which has intensified in recent weeks in that department.

During the meeting, Carlos Guzmán, Delegate Attorney for Ethnic Affairs, assured that, “There are some very important advances, but in terms of concrete results, much remains to be done”, referring to the care of these scourges that are recorded in that area of ​​the national territory.


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