The darts that Petro launched from Cauca against presidential candidates and Iván Duque

Photo: Gustavo Petro Press

presidential candidate Gustavo Petro visited this Saturday, January 22, the municipality of Caldono, Cauca, to expose before members of indigenous communities the proposals of a future government of theirs.

The leader of Colombia Humana spoke of the need for a change that would allow Colombians to live in peace. “A change is necessary, every path where people understand each other, regardless of their skin color, their ancestral roots or ancient culture. That they can be understood as human beings, regardless of whether they live in the countryside or in the city,” Petro said.

But he also took advantage of the space to launch several darts against other presidential candidates and President Iván Duque. “While they put him to play guitar (to Duke), he was brainstorming the way in which the usual five (referring to the bankers) were going to stay with the country”.

And this he said about the candidates Rodolfo Hernandez, Federico Gutierrez. “And now they are doing more or less the same thing: around here someone who swears. Over there is the doctor in ‘blue jeans’, to see if people get confused because he wears ‘blue jeans’”.

He even had a message that he can apply at the same time to the rivals of the Esperanza Center Sergio Fajardo and Alejandro Gaviria. Over there the one who says he is a professor at a university to see if people believe that by calling yourself a teacher you can change the country. And it turns out their lives have been the same. Everyone, in the end, wants to defend the interests of the five. That is why they never talk about the reforms that are required.”

Regarding the model of government that he proposes, he assured that there is no room for expropriations, but for inclusions. “The path that we propose does not speak of expropriations, but of inclusions. That does not speak of unproductiveness, but of productivity as the basis of wealth. Work as a father and nature as the mother of the true wealth of society”, added the candidate of the Historical Pact.

Petro also told the thousands of indigenous people that it was necessary have a broad representation in the Congress of the Republic, and asked them for their vote for the indigenous candidates and the Historical Pact, as the first way to change the laws.

“We need these congressmen, not only because they are indigenous representatives, but because, together with congressmen from workers, human rights defenders, environmentalists and animal rights activists, we are going to change the laws, such as the one that privatizes public services or it does not allow strengthening the financing of quality public education, free and with a differential focus on the cultural diversity of Colombia”, he commented.

Relive the candidate’s speech here:

It was recently known that Petro is conquering another region of the country, the Colombian Caribbean, still surpassing the former mayor of Barranquilla Alexander (Alex) Char, according to latest Strategic Measurements survey that contracted the Canal Cartagena.

When asked which of the following candidates would you vote for? in the first presidential round in May 2022, respondents preferred Petro with 34.7% of the voting intention; Char follows with 12.6%; in third place appears the former mayor of Bucaramanga Rodolfo Hernández with 8.3%; and Óscar Iván Zuluaga appears in fourth place with 2.8%.

The survey also asks about the intention of the Caribbean people to vote in the March 13 consultations in which three coalitions are presented to define their official presidential candidate: Historical Pact receives the highest support with 26.5%; Team for Colombia follows with 8.7%; and the Hope Center Coalition would have only a 3% vote intention.


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