Nicaragua presents its cultural heritage and gastronomy to China

Managua, Jan 21 (EFE).- The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) reported this Friday that it presented to a Chinese audience, through a television magazine, its tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as its gastronomy and national identity. “We managed to publicize the beauties, not only touristic, but also cultural, in addition to the star products that Nicaragua offers”, known touristically as the land of “lakes and volcanoes”, said the general and administrative co-director of Intur, Anasha Campbell, through government means. Typical products, music, gastronomy and traditional dances, as well as products with export potential, were exposed through the screen of a Chinese international media, according to the information. “We hope, through this screening, to attract more Chinese tourists to Nicaragua,” said the official, who described the experience “as an extraordinary opportunity.” The first program of that television magazine was broadcast by the correspondent office of the China Media Group (CMG) in Nicaragua, which according to Intur, has an audience of more than four million people in the Asian giant. “This is the first opportunity for our Chinese audience to get to know Nicaragua so closely. We hope that in the future the Chinese will enjoy the local products of this country,” said CMG deputy director for Latin America, Lei Weilin. The Government of President Daniel Ortega, through Intur, explained that this collaboration, cultural and commercial exchange was carried out within the framework of the current reestablishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua. Last December, China confirmed the resumption of diplomatic relations with Nicaragua after the Central American country announced the severance of its ties with Taiwan, active since 1990, and recognized the territorial principle of “one China” advocated by Beijing. EFE lfp/av/rrt

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