He escaped from Cuba and got a university scholarship thanks to the sport he played barefoot as a boy: William Levy, star of Café con aroma de mujer

William Levy, with Laura Londoño and Carmen Villalobos, in Café con aroma de mujer (Netflix)

In times of social networks, the new version of a novel with a lot of history immediately climbed to the top of Netflix: the Colombian women woman-fragranced coffee. There, the protagonist is Sebastian Vallejo, son of Octavio Vallejo, owner of the Casablanca farm. And it’s played by William Levy, who these days was placed in the center of all eyes.

With a solid background in different soap operas, his first success was as a participant in a Mexican reality show: the island of temptation, broadcast in 2002. Since then he has been part of different productions of Telemundo in 2010 to join Televisa with Killer women. later they would come love triumphed, The Tempest Y Dancing With the Stars, until in 2014 he arrived in Hollywood at the hands of The Single Moms Club: because of his features, they came to compare him with Brad Pitt.

In addition, he also dedicated himself to modeling and even had participation in video clips of great artists. In 2010 she was the face of D&G and a year later Jennifer Lopez summoned him for the video of the song “I’m Into You”.

William Levy (Photo: Instagram)
William Levy (Photo: Instagram)

So far, a solid career, without false steps, with a successful present: William Levy is one of the most searched names on the Internet. And yet, nothing was easy for him.

Life story

Levy was born on August 29, 1980 in Cójimar, a town of just over 20,000 inhabitants located 7 kilometers from Havana. Has two brothers (Jonathan Y Barbarian) in a family of few members. Different situations that occurred when during his childhood were recorded in his memory and only now, that he is already a celebrity, are coming to light. Many of them, told by William himself.

William Levy's first steps were as a model (Photo: Instagram)
William Levy’s first steps were as a model (Photo: Instagram)

Speaking of his ancestors, the complexity began with his maternal grandfather. The man, to marry a Cuban who did not promulgate his religious beliefs, moved away from all his own. That situation meant that faith was not a central issue. “I grew up without religion, it was not a topic that was touched on. In 2009 I converted to Catholicism, “he said on his social networks when asked by his fans.

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The hardest part was when his father abandoned them. According to the actor’s testimony, he left overnight and never came back. The boy was raised by his mother, with the help of his maternal grandparents. They were complex years, of shadows and needs. They were not oblivious to what a very high percentage of the Cuban people are experiencing. “With my family we lived with only a quarter of a chicken per person per month, a loaf of bread per person per day and limited food rations: I was always hungry,” recalled Levy.

William Levy and his daughter (Photo: Instagram)
William Levy and his daughter (Photo: Instagram)

“We didn’t have luxuries like toothpaste, so we used charcoal and baking soda,” he said. We put socks together to make a baseball and played without shoes. With creativity and ingenuity we always find a way to persevere.”

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Knowing what the future would hold for him and with a horizon devoid of freedoms, the possibility of going to the United States began to haunt his head. He also had the American dream of so many Cubans. Without papers and illegally, he also understood that he was not going to be able to go very far. A cleft appeared at the age of 15. By then his mother had formed a couple again and his stepfather, who raised him as if he were his blood son, obtained political asylum on North American soil.

William Levy and his son (Photo: Instagram)
William Levy and his son (Photo: Instagram)

In the end, the family moved and everything changed, despite the fact that it was difficult for them to adapt. It happens that at first they went to New York and then recently to Miami, where they did feel more comfortable. “I had no money and I didn’t speak the language, but that didn’t matter because I finally had the freedom to live the life I choose today, and in the United States. The sky is the limit”.

William finished school, where he excelled as a baseball player. Thanks to his sports skills, he got a university scholarship and began to study Business Administration, but halfway through the degree, after two years there, he decided to leave. He was not a very good student, and his aspirations were elsewhere, more linked to acting and the desire to meddle in the artistic world.

Thanks to a talent scout, he took his first steps as a model with the company Next Models to then make the leap to the big leagues and everything detailed in the world of acting, in which he currently shines. For this he decided to educate himself: he did it in Miami and then went to Mexico to study acting, and in the Aztec market he started with soap operas.

William Levy and his partner (Photo: Instagram)
William Levy and his partner (Photo: Instagram)

As for his personal life, in 2003 he met the actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, who is still his partner. Together they were parents twice. In March 2006 he was born Christopher and in 2010, Kaley Alexandra. “For me, before anything else in life, my number one priority is to be a dad. I try to always be there for them. I live by reminding them that they can count on me for anything”, he said in an interview with 15 minutes.

On the other hand, without forgetting what he went through as a child, for a few years he has been part of a kilo of help, a Mexican NGO that is in charge of giving opportunities to those who have less in their early childhood. There, William is godfather to 36 boys. Not long ago he was asked about this and his answer was concrete: “I went through difficult times in my life and today, that I can help, it would be silly not to. It is the least I can give back for the blessings I have received.”


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