Former deputy Morena Juan Soltero survived a gunshot attack in Guadalajara

(Photo: Screenshot)

The lawyer and former deputy of Morena, Juan Jose Soltero Meza has been attacked with bullets this Friday morning while driving in his vehicle in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco (west of Mexico). As reported, they fired a couple of bullets at the unit in which he was traveling, which caused an injury to his neck.

Soltero Meza, who presented himself as a deputy of the National Regeneration Movement party, was attacked around 11:50 a.m. when he was driving on Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas 2850, Colonia Jardines del Bosque, where his office is located. After the attack, the former legislator was transferred to a hospital to rule out serious damage.

Images of the events were released on social networks, showing the aggressor, who was traveling on a motorcycle. The subject, who was wearing a helmet and an orange vest, fired at the lawyer’s vehicle, identified as being close to the former candidate for the governorship of Jalisco, Carlos Lomelí.

The body and windshield of the car received several bullets, as can be seen in the images broadcast on social networks.

An armed group attacked the former legislator of Morena, José Juan Soltero Meza

Later, photographs circulated in which Soltero Meza was seen conscious, with a bandage on his head and watching one of the videos of the attack. “I am very sorry for the attack suffered by my friend Juan Soltero; I’m sure you’ll get out of this setback. Speedy recovery and all my solidarity with his family,” Lomelí wrote on Twitter.

Morena’s delegate in Jalisco, Favio Castellanos Polanco, demanded that the authorities clarify the aggression. “Unfortunate what is happening in our state,” he said.

Castellanos highlighted the need to restore La Paz in Jalisco and to identify those responsible for the attack against the former coordinator of Carlos Lomelí’s campaign for governor. “Ask the authorities to carry out the corresponding investigations to find those responsible. It is unfortunate what is happening in our state.”

He continued: “What we ask from Morena is the restoration of La Paz social so that we can all be calm. We will be very attentive to the corresponding investigations and, above all, wish peace in our state.”

Single Meza, was Morena’s representative before the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute. He also held the position of alternate legislator in the Congress of Jalisco.

Currently, the victim is litigating both personal and Morena party cases.


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