Employee gets paid $90,000 for doing nothing – and no one notices

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From: Andrea Stettner

Some people in the office would probably have noticed if an employee had nothing to do. (Iconic image) © ingimage/Imago

A well-paid IT specialist automates his job in the home office. His employer suspects nothing – and has been for over a year.

Digitization has its advantages, as it saves us a lot of work. A young IT specialist also wanted to take advantage of this fact: In his home office, he seized the opportunity and automated his job. Instead of working, he prefers to play video games – and also collects a handsome salary*. He now reports on the Reddit platform how he succeeded.

In the home office, employees seize the opportunity to do nothing

“I work in a medium sized law firm and was hired as an IT specialist to manage the digital evidence for trials”, reported he goes by the alias “Throwaway59724” on Reddit. The job description sounded good. All he had to do was maintain a cloud server where evidence and documents were uploaded by the lawyers. However, he quickly realized that this job by no means work for a full-time job bot. So he often dawdled around the office.

Then when the pandemic came and he was sent to work from home, he seized the opportunity to stop working altogether – and let the computer do the work for you instead. “Within a week I was able to develop and get a script running that did my entire job,” he explains. His only task was to check whether all incoming files were uploaded. “I sit at my desk for maybe 10 minutes a day”, he continues.

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$90,000 salary – and no one notices the scam

He was well paid for his sweet idleness: He collects a whopping 90,000 dollars a year from his job. But there is no trace of a bad conscience: “In the beginning I felt a bit guilty that I was ripping off the law firm. But then I convinced myself that it was okay. As long as everyone gets what they want, there is no harm‘ he explains to himself. And as long as everything works, nobody would suspect anything anyway. That’s why he’s not afraid of being fired. Apparently things have been going well for a year now. It remains to be seen whether his boss will catch up with him. By the way, in these professions you earn the best salary. (as) *Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.


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