What will be the digital languages ​​most requested by companies in 2022

(Credit: Digital House Press)

As technology advances, the labor market changes. As part of those changes, the ways of communicating were transformed. Thus, the ecosystems on the web became increasingly relevant, since they have their own codes and lexicons. In order to understand them, it is necessary to enter this new world that the day-to-day quickly captured. In this way, Digital House offers a course programming web full-stack, which helps train in that direction.

As part of the scheme, the different specialized programs in programming What TML, CSS, JavaScript and NodeJS. Also, the focus is on the basic fundamentals of web development: Git, IDE and text console.

The global context showed that these programs are the most sought after in the different companies in the industry. Thus, the latest report State of the Developer Nation, de la firma Slash Data, collected information from more than 19 thousand programmers in 160 countries and showed that as of the third quarter of 2021 the main languages ​​are Java Script, Python, Java, C++ and PHP.

Another fact that launched the report is that about 16.5 million of developers around the planet use JavaScript, becoming the language of programming more used. In this way, the course is prepared so that the graduate can fully immerse himself in the labor market of the future.

On the other hand, one thing to keep in mind is that all these programs are designed so that the student learns based on practice and in a few months. In this way, the graduate will be able to add knowledge both frontend and backend and, in addition, to know the bases of the work methodologies they use today organizations to be productive from the first day of work. The duration of the training is 6 and a half months.

Also, the student will learn to create robust systems that allow maintaining, modifying and consulting relevant information in a fast, secure and scalable way. It is trained in the assembly of databases, which today are one of the primary ways of organizing information, either in structures or in hierarchies. Because, An introduction to relational databases and the modeling of this type of format is given.

(Credit: Digital House Press)
(Credit: Digital House Press)

For its part, the modality of the course is remote; from registration to delivery of the graduation certificate. Because It is possible to access this type of course from anywhere in the world.

Once registered, the work methodology is carried out as a team and collaboratively: one of the fundamental values ​​that it has Digital House as a way of teaching. In this way, the tasks that the student completes will be closely followed by the teachers who teach the different classes. For this, they are used agile methodologies, such as the SCRUM program, which gives you a progressive monitoring of the work done by the students.

Another advantage offered Digital House is that graduates become part of a Job Bank with the most outstanding companies in the digital industry. This is an added value that motivates students to learn as many resources as possible and then quickly go into practice in one of the most sought after jobs in the labor market and with more vacancies available.

The opportunities after understanding this new language today seem endless. The world began to revolve around what happens on the web and its digital architecture. To understand it, it is necessary to have this knowledge and thus strengthen ties with new technologies and be oneself the next designer of what is to come. Who wants more information can enter the following link.


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