Traffic light parties advise earlier abolition of the EEG surcharge

Status: 01/21/2022 3:49 p.m

In view of the high energy prices, the willingness to abolish the EEG surcharge earlier than planned is growing in the traffic light parties. The FDP sees this as “quick and unbureaucratic help” to relieve consumers.

In view of the high energy prices, the traffic light coalition wants to discuss a quick abolition of the electricity price surcharge for renewable energies (EEG surcharge). It is right to get the first measures off the ground as soon as possible and to abolish the EEG surcharge for electricity customers earlier than planned, said FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr of the dpa news agency. “The traffic light partners will discuss this in the next few weeks.”

Previously, SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich had brought forward the reform planned for 2023. On Thursday he reported that the federal government and the coalition factions were talking about granting certain relief earlier because of the high energy prices. In addition to the EEG surcharge, he also cited targeted aid as examples. This could be the announced climate money, a direct grant to households.

“Fast and unbureaucratic help”

“The high tax burden and rising inflation are increasingly becoming a problem for consumers,” said FDP politician Dürr, explaining the considerations. FDP parliamentary group leader Lukas Köhler said: “In the current tense situation, the abolition of the EEG surcharge would represent quick and unbureaucratic help that would reach people and companies directly.”

The Greens parliamentary group Vice-President Lisa Paus said: “The rising prices of fossil energy are a massive problem. They affect millions of people in Germany. The traffic light will tackle these burdens with a whole range of measures and also provide additional targeted support for particularly affected households, which is part of it also the abolition of the EEG levy.”

Actually planned from 2023

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has already promised the necessary funds to relieve housing benefit recipients with a heating subsidy. With the abolition of the EEG surcharge, billions in relief will then follow for all households and especially for medium-sized companies.

In the coalition agreement, the end of the levy is not planned until January 2023. Then the surcharge for the promotion of green electricity should no longer be paid via the electricity bill of the consumer, but from the federal budget. It was only at the beginning of the year that it was almost halved to just over 3.72 cents per kilowatt hour with the use of several billion euros in budget funds. However, it still makes up more than ten percent of the electricity price.

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