The last 5 unmissable photos of Marbelle that have set Instagram on fire

Marbella (@marbelle.oficial) caused great success on her Instagram profile for the latest posts she made in the last few hours. These are the 5 postings of stories and photos, they got more than 100.967 interactions between their fans.

The most relevant photos were:





Who is Marbella?

Maureen Belky Ramirez Cardona, known as Marbelle, was born in Buenaventura, Colombia on January 19, 1980. She is the daughter of a policeman from Boyacá, Ignael Ramírez, and a dressmaker from Caldas, María Isbeth Cardona (her stage name was Yolanda Cardona). His childhood was spent in the Santa Elena neighborhood of Cali, where he lived with his four older brothers.

From the age of four he began to be interested in singing, performing songs by artists such as Myriam Hernández, Ana Gabriel and Rocío Dúrcal. At the age of fifteen, he moved to Bogotá with his family, because his father was transferred.

In the capital he continued his studies and managed to enter Happy Saturdays, a Colombian national television program. The program was seen by Luis Miguel Olivares, a Colombian music producer, who saw the program and sensed that this girl could be the ideal one for a musical project for which she had the rights to the songs, the contracts, the financing and the support of the record company, requiring just a singer.

Thus, Maureen changed from «Estrellita Romántica» to «Marbelle» and rancheras and corridos for techno rail music. He has won three gold records and six platinum records throughout his career, in addition to numerous and multiple awards. for his long career as an artist. He has made six studio albums and has sold a million and a half copies. His last album was the one that achieved greater fame in Latin American countries.

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