The 2022 edition of La Noche de las Ideas already has its programming confirmed

Carlos Gamerro, Rep, Sylvia Hopenhayn, Beatriz Sarlo, the French Cédric Durand and Darío Sztajnszrajber, among the guests of the sixth edition of La Noche de las Ideas.

With the return to a full face-to-face with the proper protocols, La Noche de las Ideas announced the programming of its sixth edition, which expands its venues to more cities in Argentina for this occasion. From Ushuaia to San Miguel de Tucumán, passing through the AMBA, Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fe and Mar del Plata, the event will take place on January 27 and 28 and will feature guests from France, among more than 70 participants from different areas of culture and thought. Will be presented, among others, the writer Carlos Gamero, the philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber, the essayist Beatrice Sarlo, the poet Beatriz Vignoli, the Economist Cedric Durand, the sociologist Baptiste Monsaingeon and the photographer Sarah Knight.

“Every year there is a very strong and very encouraging presence of the Argentine public, to which we are very grateful,” he says. Lionel Paradisi-Coulouma, director of the Institut Français d’Argentine and current adviser in the Cooperation and Cultural Action area of ​​the French Embassy, ​​which organizes the local edition of this global event together with the French Alliance and the Medifé Foundation. Consolidated as a milestone on the summer agenda that calls for its friendly cultural proposals with the relaxed way of vacations, the cycle that is replicated simultaneously in almost a hundred cities around the world has been adding new local audiences since its inaugural edition in 2017, at that time in the Old Hotel Ostende and Mar del Plata. From the 7,000 people that it hosted at that time, attendance climbed in the last edition -with face-to-face and virtual format- up to 120,000 participants.

On this occasion, the event strengthens its federal bias, with the inclusion of more venues throughout the country. “This more federal look emerged at the challenging time of the pandemic, which forced us to change last year (the previous edition had to be held in digital format). This year we continue in the context of the health crisis but we thought it appropriate to approach the territories where we have key partners from the Alliance Française network, along with other cultural and educational institutions with which we have ties at the local level. This federalized edition is the meeting point for the global theme of the event and a long-term vision of the French embassy, ​​the French institute and the network of the French alliance and the Medifé Foundation”, he says. Paradisi-Coulouma.

Darío Sztajnszrajber will invite the public to reflect in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata (Patricio Murphy)
Darío Sztajnszrajber will invite the public to reflect in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata (Patricio Murphy)

(Re)build the common, is the axis that will articulate the different proposals of the program, branched out into conferences, meetings, forums, debate tables, projections, musical shows, art exhibitions and workshops. The motto accounts for a new phase of the pandemic that confronts societies with the demand to rethink their affective, economic and social ties. In each venue, philosophers, sociologists and anthropologists, paleontologists, architects, novelists, plastic artists, film directors, documentary filmmakers, theater actors and journalists will explore the ways in which the pandemic tested the resilience of individuals and communities.

The kick-off will be given on Thursday the 27th at the Club Náutico AFASyN in Ushuaia with a performance by Pauline Fondevila, which will be repeated on Friday if the weather is good. The writer, plastic artist and musician born in Le Havre, France, who settled in Rosario more than a decade ago, captivated readers some time ago with her endearing nouvelle A house and a drum. At its end, the Night of Ideas will be officially inaugurated at the South Creative Pole and later there will be conferences by the expert in Antarctic history Paul Fontana -by streaming from the Marambio base- and the French curator Agnes Voltz about the expeditions of Dr. tease at the south pole. On Friday the 28th, the focus will be on the native populations, through a dialogue between the Conicet anthropologist Vanessa Parmigiani and women descendants of the Selk’nam people. The closure of this Fuegian chapter will come from the hand of the writer Carlos Gamero, who will present his most recent book, The cage of the Onas.

In the city of Santa Fe, La Noche de las Ideas will land with a proposal around the use of urban spaces, accompanied by multiple artistic interventions in public spaces, fairs, exhibitions, tango classes, jazz concerts and gastronomic offer. On Thursday at 8:00 p.m., the editor and essayist Alejandro Katz will give a conference at the local headquarters of the French Alliance that proposes to rethink the logic of public space. Later in Plaza Pueyrredón, the prestigious Franco-Colombian urban planner Carlos Moreno will introduce to the public his concept of the city of 15 minutes, which he has worked with the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. At 22 will be presented Beatrice Sarlo, on the corner of Lavalle and Boulevard Gálvez, with a conference on culture and politics in cities. A little later, the Franco-Swiss architect Pascal Amphoux will dialogue at the Belgrano Station on urban mobility and public space as a common good.

Sylvia Hopenhayn, another of the special guests at the sixth edition of La Noche de las Ideas.
Sylvia Hopenhayn, another of the special guests at the sixth edition of La Noche de las Ideas.

The event will share its Córdoba chapter between the city of San Francisco, where there will be recreational activities from the afternoon of Thursday 27 until late at night, and Córdoba capital, which will participate in pure performance with the interventions of Luciana Bertoloni, Gabriela Grosso, and of Laureano Y Danilo Cantarutti, at the Alliance Française headquarters. Tucumán will also say present with interactive proposals and projections, in addition to the online transmission of the tribute to mercedes sosa for the 205th Anniversary of Argentine Independence at the Teatro San Martín de Tucumán. Mendoza will receive the public with debates on the native cultures of South America and an educational workshop on robotics, programming and board games. In Rosario, the French Alliance will offer a workshop for children and a conference by the poet Beatriz Vignoli.

The MAR Museum in Mar del Plata will once again host the event on Friday 28. The writer Silvia Hopenhayn will do a performance at 19:30 and later Darío Sztajnszrajber Y Soledad Barruti They will invite the public to think about the theme of the common that articulates the proposals of this edition of La Noche de las Ideas. The Argentine philosopher will also appear the day before at the Kirchner Cultural Center in the city of Buenos Aires with his conference Nobody can be happy. Earlier that day, the French sociologist Baptiste Monsaingeon will speak with the environmentalist Enrique Viale and the director of CEAMSE, Mónica Cappellini, about the impact of human activity on the planet and the relationships between contemporary societies and their waste. That critical look will be maintained on Friday 28 with the talk Technofeudalism. What digital does to capitalism and vice versa that the Marxist economist will offer Cedric Durand, with the participation of the journalist Julián Varsavsky Y Mariana Heredia.

Those who visit Tecnópolis on Friday 28 will find a map intervened by REP see you Curve 90, a French documentary Cédric Robion about the search for the first human that will be presented in the framework of the exhibition Identity without limits. The rest of the activities will take place at the San Martín Cultural Center, which scheduled a series of dialogues and screenings of French and Argentine filmmakers throughout Thursday 27 and Friday 28. The French historian Ludovic Frobert talk to the locals Alexander Galliano Y Omar Acha about the actuality of utopias, while the political scientist José Natanson will participate in a table around the construction of dissent together with the sociologist and anthropologist Pablo Semán and the French specialist in literary history Sarah Al-Matary. There will also be dialogues between Silvia Hopenhayn and his colleague louis valenzuela, in a panel titled The thread of (common) places in literature, and among psychoanalysts Livio Boni Y Jorge N. Reitter, who will think the common from their own practice.


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