Take a look at the last 5 publications of Cristian Nodal that are sweeping Instagram

Cristian Nodal (@nodal) made several publications in the last hours on the networks that you cannot miss. The 5 posts of stories and photographs, provoked more than 2.607.539 interactions between their fans.

The most relevant images are:

Ladies and gentlemen.. Belinda Peregrin Schull just made me the luckiest man in the world.💍🤍




Speedy Nodal🌵💚🌪🤠.

Christian Jesus Gonzalez Nodal was born in Caborca, Sonora, on January 11, 1999. Son of producer Jaime González and Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez, Christian comes from an integrated family of musicians and singers.

At 13 years old discovered that he had the ability to compose songs and a year later, while studying at the Muñoz Campus Caborca ​​educational system, he decided to move to the city of Ensenada (Baja California) where he attended his first semester of high school. On weekends he went to give concerts in Mexicali.

In 2017, Nodal released his single and official video “Adiós amor” which is a version of Los Dareyes de la Sierra. That same, his first record album I got carried away, disc that contains songs of his authorship and of other Mexican regional composers.

In 2019 his second album, Now. He managed to work and collaborate with Colombian artists, such as Juanes with “Tequila”, Sebastián Yatra with “Esta noche”, a song that belongs to his album Now (2019), 21st floor with “Pa ‘forget me about her” where the urban one merged little with the ranchera, Jessi Uribe who gave two > to his album Now “The pain with the liquor” and “I swear by this”, along with Maluma with the song “Perdón”.

In April 2020 he published the first part of his third album AYAYAY, the songs like “I forgot”, as well as included in the EP as “Toxic Love”, “Mi chula”, “AYAYAY” which the album is named after.


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