Strong growth in the heat pump market

154,000 heating heat pumps were sold in Germany last year. This corresponds to growth of 28 percent compared to the previous year. Air-to-water heat pumps experienced the greatest growth last year: a total of 127,000 devices (+ 33 percent compared to the previous year) were sold, including around 83,500 monoblock devices (+ 48 percent) and 43,500 split devices (+ 12 percent). Brine-water heat pumps increased by 12 percent, 27,000 ground-coupled systems were sold in 2021.

Air-water systems: market share of 82 percent

Air-water systems were again able to slightly increase their market share in 2021 to 82 percent (2020: 79 percent), ground-coupled systems had a market share of 18 percent. In the case of pure hot water heat pumps, the number of devices sold rose by 15 percent compared to the previous year, and 23,500 devices were installed.

Overall, the number of heating heat pumps sold is even higher than the forecast values ​​for the reference year from the BWP industry study 2021. The positive market trend is proving to be extremely stable despite corona-related restrictions and global supply chain complications. This is also reflected in the great demand for the new federal funding for efficient buildings BEG, which replaced the market incentive program this year. 66,496 funding applications for heat pumps were submitted to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control for use in heating replacement alone. (gun)

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