Kim Jae-ha, former chairman of the Liberation Day rally, fined

▲ About 2,000 KCTU executives and union members hold the August 15th Workers’ Congress in front of Bosingak, Jongno-gu, Seoul on August 15, 2020.

The court sentenced Kim Jae-ha, former chairman of the emergency countermeasures committee of the Confederation of Trade Unions to a fine of 4 million won, who was handed over to trial for leading a large-scale rally in downtown Seoul on Liberation Day in 2020.

On the 20th, Seoul Central District Court’s 9th Criminal Division (Judge Jeong Jong-gun) sentenced Kim, who was indicted for violating the Assembly and Demonstration Act (Gypsy Act) and the Infectious Disease Prevention and Management Act (Infectious Disease Prevention Act). The remaining seven officials of the KCTU were fined 1 million won each for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

Judge Jeong Jong-geon said, “Although the defendants claim that the relevant laws violate the principle of the criminal justice system, the quarantine authorities need to respond flexibly to infectious diseases, and they can choose how to restrict assemblies, such as announcements or dispositions, so the law is a constitutional law. does not violate the He continued, “Although freedom of expression through assemblies should be broadly guaranteed, the size of the protests held by the defendants was considerable, making it more difficult for the quarantine authorities to carry out the activities of the quarantine authorities in a situation where many groups were also held in downtown Seoul on the same day.” explained.

Prosecutors indicted eight people, including former Vice Chairman Kim, without detention, on charges of holding an assembly in violation of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s assembly ban policy on August 15, 2020, just before the second COVID-19 pandemic in July last year. The Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held the ‘August 15 Workers’ Congress’ in the Bosingak area in Jongno-gu, Seoul with an estimated 2,000 attendees at the time. When the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the police issued an executive order to ban assemblies, the KCTU changed the event to a press conference.

At the trial last month, the prosecution demanded a fine of 3 million won for a year in prison for Kim and a fine of 2 million won each for the other seven.

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