JD Pantoja and the last 5 unmissable photos on Instagram

JD Pantoja (@juandediospantoja) revolutionized the networks in the last few hours with the latest posts on his Instagram profile. Discover the 5 posts of stories and photographs, added more than 6.768.172 interactions between their most loyal followers.

The most popular content are:

I am living the best stage of my life, enjoying my children and my beautiful wife makes my heart too full, this is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me ❤️ never forget that family comes first…

Today is the birthday of my faithful life partner, the person I trust the most in this world, the girl who has been with me through thick and thin. I want to continue celebrating all your birthdays, I want us to grow old enjoying our children, my love. The road has not been easy at all, but fortunately here we are still together and stronger than ever, thank you for so much precious, I love you ❤️

My family, my engine ⚙️❤️⚙️

Happy birthday to me 🥳

Friendship is the most important ingredient in the recipe of life 🙏🏻 happy birthday brother, I love you @elsupertrucha

John of God Pantoja he is famous youtuber and singer Mexican nationality.

Juan Dios Pantoja was born on November 16, 1995 in the coastal city of Mazatlán, in Sinaloa.

Juan Dios Pantoja debuted on YouTube on March 26, 2016 and currently has almost 13 million subscribers and more than 1,200 views.

In their social networks, Juan Dios Pantoja 5.4 followers on his Twitter account and 21.1 on his Instagram profile.

In the music world, Juan Dios Pantoja collaborated with Khea on the single “Motive”, in 2018. Two years later, in 2020, he released the song “My plan” with the participation Noriel.

That same year, Juan Dios Pantoja signed a recording contract with Universal Music Latino in association with MPM Productions.

As for his personal life, Juan Dios Pantoja has been involved in scandals, mainly because of his relationship with Kimberly Loaiza., with whom he maintains a love affair from an early age and with whom he has a daughter.

Juan Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza have a YouTube channel, JukiLop, in which they upload videos, created in 2017 and with 18.7 and 500 views.

Juan Dios Pantoja has been accused of having been unfaithful to him on occasion Kimberly Loaiza, alleged sexual videos were even leaked as evidence of such conduct.

He accused the singer and influencer Kenia Os of being behind the infidelity accusations against her to affect her with Kimberly Loaiza, threatening to share intimate photos of her, which caused several criticisms in her. Also Lizbeth Rodríguez herself

These controversies have caused the couple to separate repeatedly, but they always end up together.


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