FMS Peru LIVE: everything you need to know about day 3 in El Huaralino this Saturday

FMS Peru: after the battalion between Vijay Kesh and Stick, both MCs will seek to continue adding on day 3. | Urban Roosters

This Saturday, January 22, the league of freestyle from Urban Roosters, the FMS Peru. The third day has been called #FMSLimaNorte and will be held at the El Huaralino Internacional, located on the Panamericana Norte. An emblematic stage for genres such as cumbia, and which for the first time will receive an event of rap.


You can follow the event LIVE on the Urban Roosters YouTube channel.

Relive matchday 2 here


These are the clashes that will take place this Saturday:

Rayo Vallecano vs. Salamanca Vijay Kesh

Jota vs. Ghost

Strike vs. Stick

Kian vs. Skill

Lokillo vs. blaximental

Twenty vs. Xplain

It should be noted that the last two battles will be exhibition. Nekroos, due to a health issue, will not be able to be part of the day and his confrontation against Black Code will be postponed. Replacing him will be Blaximental, one of the most viral representatives of Peruvian rap and trap. This will be his first participation in the FMS format, although he is no stranger to the stage of the Peruvian league, where he already had a musical participation in the first season.

His rival, comes from Colombian lands, being the recently announced Lokillo. The charismatic freestyler and comedian will have his debut in the format in Peru, giving us a demonstration of the level with which he will arrive at the first date of FMS Colombia.

“I am a super fan of the FMS around the world and Peru is one of the ones that I enjoy the most because of its charisma. I think there is a certain relationship with Colombian culture, we are linked to many things, I enjoy the freestyle of many of them, and I follow them since the first edition. I am happy to be able to make an exhibition in Lima where until today I only enjoyed the screens, and now I will be able to share with several of those guys of whom I am a fan, Lokillo commented to Infobae.

Lokillo talks about his participation in the FMS

Jair Wong he will not be able to be there either for a health issue and cannot be measured against Diego MC. In their place they will be Venti and Xplain, Alternate Support representatives and exponents with experience in the scene that promise to give a great show.

As always on the turntables will be DJ Respondent and animating Metz. The jury is made up Joro, Choque, Fox, HBD y Django. This day will have the midshow in charge of KG.

Precisely, at the press conference prior to the event, Fox was asked about his way of voting. It is known that not everyone is happy with the decisions of the jury. Raptonda’s organizer commented that he has learned to value all styles, not just the ones he likes.

“I like the spontaneity, the flow, but I adapt my criteria. For example, if someone raps better, but the rival fulfilled the format better and scored points, that person wins. This is a job. Whether or not it is my favorite, I value them equally, I have always sought to measure everyone with the same yardstick and not stick to a single style “, sentenced.


What time does it start? These are the schedules of day 3 of the FMS Peru

🇵🇪 16:00 (PE)

🇨🇴 16:00 (CO)

🇦🇷 18:00 (AR)

🇨🇱 18:00 (CH)

🇲🇽 15:00 (MX)

🇪🇸 22:00 (ES)


This is how the numbers go after two disputed dates.

FMS Peru position table after day 2
FMS Peru position table after day 2

Results Day 2

Diego MC beat Strike

Whom defeated Black Code after a retort

Necrosis defeated Jair Wong after a reply

Vijay Kesh beat Stick

Skill beat Ghost after a reply

Kian beat Jaze after a retort

Results Day 1

Black Code beat Diego MC after reply

Kian beat Vijay Kesh after reply

Stick beat Jair Wong

Jaze beat Strike

Whom defeated Skill after a retort

Necrosis beat Ghost


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