Find here these last 5 photos with which Carolina Cruz Osorio revolutionizes Instagram

Carolina Cruz Osorio (@carolinacruzosorio) revolutionized the networks in the last few hours with the latest posts on her Instagram profile. These are the 5 posts of stories and photographs, achieved more than 541.007 interactions between his followers.

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• I missed celebrating your birthday and bringing you the cake that you liked the most, how I did it every year, we missed a make-up and a magazine cover that we owed. I need to hug you more and tell you more nice things than you told us to those of us who love you so much. Yesterday I was stuck, seeing everything, listening to what I already knew and I regret what I saw, I want to erase that from my mind and remember you happy, joyful, alive, because your light never went out. Now yes, fly baby, fly high my genius boy, rest next to that only love of your life, the most wonderful mom. GOD is fair and divine justice never fails, what a professional job that was done to reach this day where those of us who adore you can rest. They tried to damage your name, but your name is SO BIG, that the only thing they managed to do was make you shine even more even if you were not present. I LOVE YOU BABY 🙏🏽😍🌟 @maitoleal

• Trying my first cookie Thanks to my godfather hahahaha 😍😍 you know where you can win me over…

• Time flies and by your side this trip has been WONDERFUL, full of UNIQUE moments that I appreciate daily. Happy 11 months Salvador, my Salvador😍 I LOVE YOU SON!!

• Good morning 🌟🌟 Swimsuit @soy_diverzo Photo @colorhunt

• Thank you @caritosotooficial 🤤🤤 Thank you @colorhunt 😍😍

Carolina Cruz Osorio (Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, June 12, 1979) is a Colombian model, businesswoman, journalist and presenter.

In 1999, Carolina participated in Miss Colombia, representing Valle del Cauca where he ranked second, being winner of the title of Señorita Colombia Internacional or Virreina Nacional.

After the contest, continued with modeling and reporting jobs in The show news, for the programmer of Jorge Barón Televisión. In 2000, was linked to Canal RCN, as host of the show Comandos. After five years and after his participation in the reality show “Dancing for a Dream”, which he won, he decided not to return to the presentation of the magazine.

Subsequently, created his own company, “Carolina Cruz Empresa Unipersonal” and “Carolina Cruz Jewelry and Accessories”. In 2007, he presented the third season of the reality show extreme change. In August 2018, she joined the morning show as a presenter Day to day of Caracol Television.

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