Find here the last 5 publications with which Yanet García revolutionizes Instagram

Yanet Garcia (@iamyanetgarcia) published several posts on her Instagram account in the last few hours that caused great success among her fans. Look at the 5 postings of stories and photos, they reached more than 161.229 interactions between his followers.

The most relevant images are:

Don’t let outside noise blur you from your goals. If you try to please everyone you will never achieve anything and you will only waste your time; you will feel manipulated and unhappy. You must realize that you cannot keep everyone happy, that you cannot win everyone’s approval; even if you did what they want, you still might not have their approval. You have to live according to your purposes and not those of others. If you want to be an excellent and successful person, you better learn to deal with this type of person because if you don’t, you can deviate from your goals. Indifference to these types of people will be your best weapon, don’t worry if someone speaks ill of you, don’t waste your time trying to confront them, because you will most likely lose. Someone once told me: Worry when they don’t talk about you because that means you’re doing NOTHING. “Criticism is the tribute that envy pays to success” 📸 @dievkophoto

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Good Morning NYC 🍎


New video @onlyfans 🔥
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Yanet Cristal García San Miguel, better known as Yanet Garcia, is a Mexican model and television presenter, known for presenting the weather.

Yanet García was born on November 14, 1990, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, she began her career in entertainment at a very young age, when she was barely twenty. working on modeling, even writing in beauty contests, without having greater relevance.

It was not until 2015 when Yaner García reached the ranks of Televisa Monterrey, where he gave the weather news. Little by little, he began to gain relevance on regional television and later gained fame throughout the country.

The name of Yanet García began to sound outside of Mexico when international media such as TMZ and Playboy made notes about her calling her “the sexiest weather girl in the world”. It was then that his fame exploded.

In early 2018, Yanet García moved from Monterrey to Mexico City, where Televisa included her in its main morning program Today doing his specialty: presenting the weather.

After almost two years of being part of the team of Today, Yanet García said goodbye to the program and went to work in US territory at Univision.

Yanet García has ventured into the internet not only in traditional social networks, where she has millions of followers, but also in OnlyFans, the platform where celebrities share exclusive content, mainly raunchy, for a monthly subscription of a few dollars.

As for his love life, only one sentimental partner of Yanet García, a youtuber and professional gamer named Doug Censor Martin, has been known. However, the relationship did not bear fruit.

Yanet García was not freed from the controversies, one of them was when they hacked her Instagram account and spread private images of the model, in addition, they uploaded stories from her profile where she asked her followers to download an app with the promise of sharing an intimate video of the presenter, luckily she was able recover your account.

Being a beautiful woman Yanet García receives constant criticism about her body, haters on social networks accuse the model of getting her figure through surgeries, however, she assures that it has been achieved through the gym.

Yanet García has no problem sharing photos from previous years and showing the change her physique has undergone in all this time and encourages people to exercise and be disciplined to get the body they want.

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