Explosives found in a former FARC house in Bogotá

BOGOTÁ (AP) — Colombian authorities found a bottle of explosives on Friday before it was detonated at a house belonging to the Comunes party, made up of former combatants of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group.

“Anti-explosive units entered, who located a bottle with approximately a kilo and a half of ANFO (contains ammonium nitrate and fuel) and some elements that could show that this explosive could be activated remotely,” the Metropolitan Police commander told the press. Bogotá, Major General Eliecer Camacho.

The explosive charge was connected to an electronic device in a cell phone, which was turned off at the time the police arrived. “We are going to verify the origin and what are the intentions of this criminal group that could have carried out the damage,” said General Camacho, who did not anticipate any hypothesis about the motives or the authors.

In the house located in the town of Teusaquillo, in the center of Bogotá, there is a restaurant and bar whose owner is a reincorporated from the FARC. However, the party held a political meeting there on Thursday night and had planned a meeting with activists and supporters for Saturday, Comunes party senator Julián Gallo, known for his years in the guerrilla, told The Associated Press. as Carlos Antonio Lozada.

Gallo fears for the safety of the ex-combatants, especially in the midst of the electoral campaign in which more than 40 of them are running for Congress in the March elections. “We see no guarantees,” he warned.


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