Congress of the Republic: Plenary approves by insistence the Law on Referendum

Maricarmen Alva in the plenary session of Congress. Photo: Congress of the Republic.

With 72 votes in favor, 44 against and zero abstentions, the Plenary Session of the Congress of the Republic approved this Friday afternoon by insistence the autograph of Law that reinforces the limits to convene referendum and that it had been observed by the Executive Branch. As it is recalled, he objected to the autograph because “it violated constitutional principles by establishing mandatory transit through a constitutional reform procedure.”

The rule states that any constitutional reform initiative that is going to be submitted to popular consultation it must first pass through Congress, following the procedure of Article 206 of the Constitution.

This Parliament working group did not take into account the comments of President Pedro Castillo and his cabinet. Last Tuesday, the constitution commission approved the prediction by majority and without making changes. They were 11 votes in favor and six against.

Now it is time for the law to be approved with the signature of the President of the Congress of the Republic, María del Carmen Alva, but it will not be executed. The Government has advanced that it will appeal this law and possibly go to the Constitutional Court to give a ruling in this regard. This would take a while, and could be complicated since there are 6 tribunes (after the death of Carlos Ramos), 5 must vote in favor.


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