Apple lowered the cost of Android smartphones in its trade-in program by as much as $140

Apple lowered the prices of Android devices for its trade-in program (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

bad luck for the Android users who were thinking of switching to Apple using the trade-in program of the company, which takes into account the value of the old device so that they only pay the difference of the iPhone new.

If you want to give away your Android smartphone, you will have to invest more money than you expected to get an iPhone, since the Cupertino company recently decided that competing phones are worth less than they already did, for example, before it considered that a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be taken into account for US$545 but now it will only be US$405.

As reported MacRumors, platform specialized in Apple news, maximum Samsung and Pixel smartphone amounts have been lowered to $140. However, it should be remembered that the final price will be determined individually, depending on the use and wear of the device.

That way, the price cap that Apple re-established for devices that enter your exchange program it was as follows:

FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: The Apple Inc. logo is seen in the lobby of New York City's flagship Apple store, U.S., January 18, 2011. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo
FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: The Apple Inc. logo is seen in the lobby of New York City’s flagship Apple store, U.S., January 18, 2011. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

– Galaxy S21 5G – US$260 (antes US$325)

– Galaxy S21+ 5G – US$325 (antes US$435)

– Galaxy S20+ – US$205 (antes US$275)

– Galaxy S20 – US$150 (antes US$205)

– Galaxy S10+ – US$170 (antes US$185)

– Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – US$405 (antes US$545)

– Galaxy Note 20 – US$285 (antes US$385)

– Pixel 5 – US$235 (antes US$315)

– Pixel 4 XL – US$135 (antes US$180)

– Pixel 4 – US$110 (antes US$150)

Although the company also made a price readjustment in the value of its own devices, the decrease was considerably less, for example, an iPad Air went from US$345 to US$335, that is, there was only a reduction of 10 dollars, while as could be seen in the previous list, in other brands it was up to 140 Dollars.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE devices (Photo: Europa Press)
Image of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE devices (Photo: Europa Press)

It should be remembered that the exchange program with Android smartphones only applies to stores in the United States, since in other regions they are only for branded devices.

With the help of its iPhone and iPad, as well as ultra-wideband and Bluetooth wireless communication standards, Apple has created the global “Search” network, supposedly encrypted and anonymous. To search and find objects ranging from a handbag to a bicycle to a set of keys, all you need is a small tag, called a AirTag, which can be attached to the respective object.

Tracking is done via an iPhone or iPad with the “Search” app installed. Since AirTags are small (3 centimeters in diameter and about 11 grams in weight) and durable, they can be used to track people without their consent.

Airtags app for Android (Photo: iOSMac)
Airtags app for Android (Photo: iOSMac)

To prevent stalking and other crimes, iPhone users receive a warning on the device screen if the device detects a foreign AirTag. To protect other people, such as Android users, AirTags are set to emit an audible warning signal when they are near someone who is not carrying an iPhone. However, the AirTag’s tiny speaker can easily be disabled for malicious purposes.

In this sense, Apple has launched a scanning app for AirTag that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is called Tracker Detect and has been designed to protect Android device users from control attempts and harassment.

And Tracker Detect finds an AirTag alien and unknown in the vicinity, it can be commanded through the application to emit a sound on the AirTag to facilitate its location. The app also contains instructions on how to disable third-party AirTags.

(With information from DPA)


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