Aislinn Derbez and the last 5 photos that have swept Instagram

Aislinn Derbez (@aislinnderbez) performed on his popular Instagram account in the last few hours. The 5 posts of stories and photos, they got more than 1.186.806 interactions between his followers.

The most popular images are:

This beautiful man makes me as happy as in the photo… And what do you think? I really want to live many adventures and grow and enjoy as much as I can with him. What I no longer want to do is sell you the false story of Disney’s perfect and romantic love that we have all believed at some point and that hurts us so much… Yes, it’s worth falling in love again and opening your heart and entering into romanticism… But enough of measuring the success of a relationship by “how long it lasts” and those kinds of meaningless social paradigms we grew up with. Thank you @jonathankubben for the laughs, adventures, fun and love you have brought into my life. Since I met you I was so surprised by your creativity, your intelligence, your very different way of living life through everything you do🌈. We don’t know how long it lasts, but NOW it’s cool ♥️.

This time in our memorable photo with Santa every year I’m not going to Photoshop @vadhird or @jose_eduardo92 because they’re not there 😂. We miss you a lot better if we see each other for new year hdspm

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We started the @Aerie_mx gift chain! I love what they gave me. What I like most about this season is giving intentional gifts thinking of the people you love the most. I like to choose Aerie to make my friends feel special. Check out @ashleyfrangie’s profile so you can see what happened to her🥰.

Someone gave me a kissing fit as long as I give her her #Grinchmas gift AND she is my best gift in the universe ♥️. @UniStudios #UniversalStudiosHollywood

Aislinn Gonzalez Derbez was born on March 18, 1987 in Mexico City. Daughter of actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez and Gabriela Michel, Aislinn works as actress and model.

He studied Visual Arts at the School of Visual Arts at the same time that he studied acting at the Actors Studio in New York (2005-2009): there he played several roles in short films and acted in the play Happy Hour. She began her artistic career as a model at the age of 15..

His acting career began when he returned to live in Mexico City in 2009 and became relevant for his first participation in feature films such as I present to you Laura (2010) directed by Fernando Noriega and The attempt (2010) by Jorge Fons.

During his short film career He has landed five leading movie roles., which were released in 2012, as: Heaven in your Eyes (2012) from Pitipol Ybarra; abolition of property (2012) by Jesús Magaña for which she was nominated for “Best Actress” at the FICG; Yerbamala (2012) by Javier Solar; Musth (2013) by Mauricio T. Valle; and a Chilean film, land of blood (2013).

Too He participated as a protagonist in five television series inside and outside of Mexico: in the series for Channel Eleven The Minondo (2011); in the MTV series Bad Girls (2011); in the Colombian series The promise (2012). He also acted in the Televisa series They are the joy home (2010); and in the Pedro Torres series Mujeres assassinas (2011) in the episode “Marta, manipuladora” together with the actress Lorena Meritano.

In theater he has acted in the play I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long (2011) written and directed by Manolo Caro. He also participated several times in Eugenio Derbez programs To the right and to Derbez, XHDRBZ and Derbez from time to time.

He has participated in music videos such as “I was” and “Se me va la voz” by Alejandro Fernández, “Just let yourself love” by Kalimba. In 2008, acts in the web-series hills, acting and playing ‘Leah’, later did another web-series called Sweet & Spicy (2008).

González Derbez, who is also sister of Vadhir Derbez, Jose Eduardo Derbez and Aitana Derbez, married in 2016 with the American actor Mauricio Ochmann, with whom he had a daughter in 2018 whom they named Kailani. In March 2020, the couple announced that they were ending their marriage.

During the reality filming Traveling with the Derbez The couple was seen to have an argument, although he later confessed that it was the production team that forced them to fake the fight, however, since then it was said that the relationship between the two was no longer going well and a fight that was real was omitted from the show.

According to the comedian’s daughter, the reason behind his divorce It was the incompatibility of ideas, however, both still continue with a relationship of affection and respect, especially for the well-being of their daughter.

Mauricio Ochmann is currently in a relationship with Paulina Burrola, while Aislinn Derbez does the same with influencing Jonathan Kubben; Their relationship has been public since the end of 2021, although rumors of a courtship had already emerged since April of that year.

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