Ukraine conflict: Baerbock and Blinken warn Russia

Status: 01/20/2022 3:35 p.m

Despite all talks, Russia continues to gather troops at the borders. At a meeting with her US counterpart Blinken, Foreign Minister Baerbock called on the Kremlin to abandon this course – otherwise there would be consequences.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has called on Russia to de-escalate the Ukraine conflict. Any further aggression will have decisive consequences, even if it means economic consequences on your own side, she said at a joint press conference with her US colleague Antony Blinken in Berlin.

The Ukraine conflict is “about nothing less than preserving the European peace order,” Baerbock clarified. Berlin and Washington agree that only the political path and dialogue will lead out of the crisis, said Germany’s chief diplomat. Unfortunately, the Russian behavior “speaks a different language,” she said, referring to troop deployments to the border with Ukraine and maneuvers with Belarus.

Blinking emphasizes unity

US Secretary of State Blinken emphasized that the US and its Western allies stand united against Russian aggression. Blinken said it was up to the Kremlin to decide whether to escalate or pursue diplomacy. The election cannot be taken from Russia.

In any case, Moscow will find the United States, Germany and the other partners united. Blinken accused Russia of wanting to split its western allies. He again warned Moscow of severe consequences if Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

Meeting scheduled in Geneva

For months, the United States and NATO have accused Russia of planning an attack on Ukraine. Moscow rejects this every day. Above all, Russia wants to use the deployment near Ukraine to create a threatening backdrop because, according to its own statements, it sees itself increasingly threatened by NATO expansion. This Friday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Blinken want to meet in Geneva.

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