They arrested the former player of Boca and Lanús Junior Benítez for gender violence

The Dean’s player had a stage in Boca

The former Boca striker, Oscar Junior Benitez was arrested in the last hours after being imputed for the crime of violation of domicile, threats, injuries and resistance to authority, after starring in an episode of violence in a family context.

According to some witnesses, the 29-year-old soccer player hit his ex-father-in-law in the face when he attended the home of Rodriguez Pena 681, from the Buenos Aires town of adrogue, in search of his daughter, who according to her father is victim of gender violence but refuses to formalize the complaint.

Judicial sources specified Telam that the playerhe was not in his right mind and presented a very altered state”, for which he was referred to Hospital Lucio Melendez from the area, once it was reduced by the police.

Close to the inner circle of what was the family of Junior Benitez reported that the player Atletico Tucuman reacted when the officers asked for his identification e tried to physically assault them, although without causing injury.

The case was taken by UFI 16 of Lomas de Zamora, which referred the file to the UFI 17 by the prosecutor Juan Manuel Baloira, who ordered the apprehension of the footballer.

as he knew Infobae, the police personnel were commissioned to the address, where they proceeded to the “arrest of Oscar Benitez, who moments before his arrest beat his former father-in-law Juan Carlos Ayala, who presents facial injuries, and had to be treated in the place of the events”.

Oscar Junior Benitez acted in Atletico Tucuman until last the Professional League (LPF). The striker began his career in Lanus, where he was champion in 2016. He then emigrated to football from Portugal to join the Sporting Braga and in 2017 it arrived at Boca, where he also celebrated a title (that of the 2017-18 season) when Guillermo Barros Schelotto was in front of Xeneize. His professional career later continued in Argentinos Juniors, Atlético San Luis from Mexico and Delfin from Ecuador.


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