The JEP says no to the testimony of alias ‘Chucho’, for the assassination of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado

Álvaro Gómez Hurtado, Colombian political leader assassinated on November 2, 1995.

The request filed by the lawyer Joan Sebastián Moreno, who represents the family of José del Cristo Huertas (who died together with Álvaro Góumez Hurtado on November 2, 1995) before the Recognition Chamber of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) was rejected. ), which requested that former guerrilla José Marbel Zamora “Chucho”, who was a member of the Farc’s Antonio Nariño Urban Network (RUAN) be called to testify exclusively for the assassination case.

According to what the family’s defenders pointed out, before the Prosecutor’s Office when Zamora was captured, he referred to an infiltrator of the Police alias “Sebastián” called José Albeiro Carrillo, who joined the Antonio Nariño Urban Network (RUAN) and according to the physical description It could be the person that Carlos Antonio Lozada pointed out to the JEP as one of the perpetrators of the crime, who deserted and they do not know his whereabouts.

“…he was called “Sebastián”, I didn’t know any more names and we called him “El Paisa”, also, he attended a meeting of the cell (RUAN) (…) after some kind of attention calls, He commented that he should go to Medellin, since his mother was sick, from that moment on we never saw him again.” he said in a statement of alias ‘Chucho’.

In view of the fact that Marbal Zamora has previously appeared before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace for the kidnapping case, they considered important the process on whether or not it is admitted that the assassination was heard exclusively by that file, due to his important knowledge about that Network. Urbana (RUAN), which was not considered so by the office.

According to the magistrates, the moment in which the process is found, those linked can provide evidence, but not request it, as stipulated by law, so they are prevented from telling the Chamber how they should proceed.

On the other hand, the JEP office only decided to incorporate the statements of other former guerrillas who formed the RUAN which were delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office in the past, as well as the voluntary versions of former policemen linked to the Mondoñedo massacre.

The massacre of Mondoñedo It took place at the El Fute farm, in an area known as Alto de Mondoñedo, a road that joins Soacha and Mosquera, both municipalities in the department of Cundinamarca and bordering the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

The event took place on September 6 and 7, 1996, leaving as fatalities, initially four students from the District University of Bogotá, who at that time were militants of the Patriotic Union youth were pointed out by former officials of the Dijin of having been part of the urban militias of the FARC-EP and being responsible for attacks on a police station in the Kennedy neighborhood of the city of Bogotá in 1995. In these episodes, three soldiers lost their lives.

Once the four victims agreed to meet in a well-known sector of the capital, with the aim of discussing their personal safety, suspecting that they were being targeted by the security forces after following them up. The date of no return to which they attended culminated in the discovery of their lifeless bodies, tied up, with clear evidence of torture and coup de grace, on September 7, 1996, after each of them left their respective homes.

The massacre did not end there. Just a few hours later, two other students from the same university were also assassinated while leaving their respective homes, and whom they also related to an urban network of the FARC-EP. Although the family of one of them admitted that he was part of the urban guerrilla militias, it was not proven that he was involved in the aforementioned attacks.

After the murder of Gómez Hurtado, several murders were committed of people that the investigation carried out by the family considers to be linked to the assassination of the conservative leader.


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