Senator from Morena came out in defense of Pedro Salmerón:

Martha Lucía Mícher shared a reflection on her Twitter account (Photos: Twitter/Facebook)

The senator of the party National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), Martha Lucia Micher Camarena, came out in defense of Pedro Salmeron after before being designated as Ambassador of Mexico in Panama accusations against him for sexual harassment will be resumed.

It was on January 17 when the new position of Salmerón was announced; however, after his appointment, users of social networks, activists and personalities close to the country’s political sphere expressed their dissatisfaction with the hashtag #AViolatorNotShouldBeAmbassador on Twitter, because in past years the former member of the Morena party and feminist activist, Stephanie Speedy, presented his experience with the former director of the National Institute of Historical Studies on the Revolutions in Mexico (INHER).

Given this, the brunette senator shared a reflection in which she mentioned that “public complaints of acts of alleged sexual harassment imputed on networks have at no time been nor can they be disqualified, but they should be considered a focus of alert when analyzing the viability of any appointment”.

“As long as there are no formal complaints or the victims are accompanied to formalize the accusations they have made publicly, the Mexican authorities and the Senate of the Republic itself has the principle of adhering to the principle of presumption of innocence”, the statement read.

Martha Lucía Mícher said that from her position as senator she has defended the victims of harassment (Photo: Twitter/@MaluMicher)
Martha Lucía Mícher said that from her position as senator she has defended the victims of harassment (Photo: Twitter/@MaluMicher)

However, he commented that this does not mean that women who have issued a complaint should not be listened to. He also said that From her position as a senator, she has come out in defense of anyone who has been the victim of some type of aggression.

For his part, during his morning conference on Wednesday, January 19, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) denied that public denunciations are sufficient “to do justice” to the victims, then, he stressed, they are likely to be used as political pattering, especially if the alleged aggressor works in public service or diplomacy.

No one can be judged if there is no evidence. (…) Any people who are not well seen by the media, they destroy. They are lynching campaigns. No summary trials and more so when it comes to political trials,” the president asserted.

AMLO defended Salmerón again in his morning conference (Photo: GALOCAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
AMLO defended Salmerón again in his morning conference (Photo: GALOCAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

It was on September 11, 2020 when the driver of Extended version, stated that she, along with seven militant women from the icing party, filed a harassment complaint inside Morena against Salmerón.

According to the story that Veloz shared on his account Twitter, the academic had a modus operandi very similar with all the victims, because during his visits to different states of the republic in the pre-campaign of the now Mexican president “harassed and insulted those who rejected him”.

He added that it was not the first time that this had happened because, according to his statements, within the icing party they knew how Salmerón behaved; however, he stated that he was allegedly protected by his “important friends”, who prevented him from facing the actions resulting from his actions.

Estefanía Veloz asked Marcelo Ebrard to reconsider Salmerón's appointment (Photo: Instagram/estefaniavloz)
Estefanía Veloz asked Marcelo Ebrard to reconsider Salmerón’s appointment (Photo: Instagram/estefaniavloz)

“I tell you that in 2017 we got together, 8 colleagues from the party -Morena- to file a complaint against Pedro Salmerón for harassing. It turns out that in all the states he visited during the campaign, he harassed and insulted (publicly) those who rejected him.. The party knows who Pedro is, but he has very important friends, these from the old left guard, those who make decisions,” said the activist.

However, in one of his last statements on social networks, Veloz asked the Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, asked to reconsider the appointment of the historian.

Likewise, in 2019, Pedro Salmerón was also denounced for harassment in the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) by means of movement Me Too.


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