Romantic night at Masterchef Celebrity 3: the surprising wedding proposals of Paulo Kablan and Mery del Cerro

Pablo Kablan’s promise in Masterchef Celebrity 3 and the declaration of love to his wife (Video: Masterchef Celebrity, Telefe)

Benefit Wednesday took an unexpected turn in the third season of Masterchef Celebrity (Telefe): love stories invaded the studio of the country’s most famous kitchens and led to two marriage proposals with different outcomes. The protagonists of the romantic declarations were Paulo Kablan Y Mary del Cerro, who were encouraged to seal with their word a wish for the future. However, each depended on the results of their sweet preparations to determine whether or not they made a treat. public request for marriage.

“Sweetness, extreme week of many fragrances, with medals for the best”, anticipated German Martitegui in the first minutes, before welcoming the pastry chef Pamela Villar to explain the lavender and raspberry cake that the contestants had to replicate. Beside Catherine Fulop, Juariu, and Malena Guinzburg, the police journalist and the actress faced each other to achieve the result as close as possible to the original version.

The difficulties they faced were many: eight different preparations to achieve the same flavor, and halfway through the technical challenge the juries took the recipes out of them so that they do not have such detailed memory aids when putting it together. In the midst of nervousness, Santiago del Moro visited the island of Kablan and asked: “Your wife is a fan of pastry, how long have you been together?”.

The journalist Paulo Kablan and Edith Garibotti, a couple who have been in love for 29 years

We turn 29 on December 8, and I would choose her for another 29 years”, confessed the journalist, referring to Edith Garibotti, with whom he had four children. “And would you get married again?” The driver wanted to know. Kablan clarified that they never went through the Civil Registry and opted for the cohabitation of boyfriends for almost three decades and his comment surprised Del Moro even more, who encouraged him to formalize the bond before the law: “But propose marriage here to Garibotti!”

Without hesitation, The journalist looked at the camera and made the proposal: “Would you marry me, Garibotti? If it goes well for me tonight…if not”. Behind the camera he clarified: “Winning the gold one, impossible.” Although in the twelve weeks of competition he always faltered in the sweet challenges, this time he achieved a very good result and the juries appreciated it when he presented his dish, which he baptized “Millionaire Lavender” because of the edible gold paper that crowned the complex tartlet.

Mery del Cerro was also encouraged to propose to her partner, Meme Bouquet (Video: Masterchef Celebrity, Telefe)

“I see that you have more desire to lose than to win the medal”Martitegui joked. “This is the example that shows that the organization always ends in something well done, because the jam is very rich and the proportion of the dough is also very good, just like the praline and perhaps it lacked a little more presence of lavender to the creamy white chocolate but it is compliant”, added the chef.

“More than millionaire lavender, won’t it be the millionaire wedding?” Del Moro scolded him. Laughing, the journalist reaffirmed his promise and clarified that if he obtained the gold distinction he would speak directly to Edith to officially make the request. Then came the turn of Mery del Cerro, who was not so lucky with the proportion of lavender, but complied with all the preparations. Once again the driver took the floor: “I heard people say that since Pablo is going to promise marriage to his wife if he wins a medal, you would do the same with your husband.”

Edith Garibotti's reaction to Paulo Kablan's marriage request
Edith Garibotti’s reaction to Paulo Kablan’s marriage request

After clarifying that he is in a relationship with Meme Bouquet 11 years ago and they are the parents of Cala and Mila, the former Almost angels He doubled the bet: “Since I’m not married… since he is, yes, but if Pablo wins, let him comply, because I’m following him for his comment.” Encouraged by all those present in the studio, she also made the request to her partner: “If I win the gold, Meme, you have to marry me”.

Suddenly everyone wants to get married!”, shouted Juariu humorously from his island. After recalculating her marriage request, the actress clarified: “Oh, I said a lot, but I trust that my colleagues will have better dishes.” When the time came for the deliberation of the juries, the expectation grew to define who would have to keep their word. Finally The journalist managed to stand out for his reply and was awarded the gold medal, while the wedding march played in the background.

Paulo Kablan is marrying us!”Del Moro joyfully expressed. “Happy to keep the promise, see him soon. Medal and marriage proposal, what tulle?, the journalist closed with a smile, while they predicted: “Long live the bride and groom!”. Edith, for her part, posted a photo of Paulo on Instagram, moved by the request: “I love you, Mr. Gold!”


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