Rainbow Six Extraction arrives today on all platforms and this is known about the new title of the franchise

Rainbow Six Extraction preview delves into the lore and shares new gameplay

From today it is available Rainbow Six: Extraction, the new video game that takes the gameplay foundations of Rainbow Six: Siege and takes them to a cooperative Left 4 Dead style with an emphasis on the tactical aspect. With 18 operators available, the combat group REACT seeks to combat a new unknown threat identified as chimera parasites under the name of Arch├Žan.

With raids on various iconic locations around the world, each operation represents a different challenge. Ubisoft’s title puts the emphasis on teamwork to deal with a highly lethal threat. The new installment is an experience to be enjoyed in groups of up to three players, but it also offers the possibility of raiding alone, adjusting the number and type of enemies to the number of operators.

As they experience the different scenarios, operators will come into contact with different types of mutations that have unique properties, which will require implementing a strategy accordingly. Whether Corrosive Mucilage, Armored Nests or Blinding Spore Carriers, there are multiple enemies that will require specific preparation to deal with each mutation.

As in R6: Siege, each operator has a particular utility kit, which helps determine the type of strategy to implement in each case. In Extraction, a progression system is applied to gradually unlock new options, giving each character greater versatility.

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With six initial operators, as missions are completed REACT You will have access to a greater number of specialists to join your efforts. In addition to gaining skill upgrades upon reaching certain levels, an arsenal of weapons with more options for each will also be enabled. The task force also provides new REACT-specific utilities with enhanced versions of some already familiar to Siege players.

In addition to promising “a deep Operator progression system,” Extraction will feature four different difficulty settings, 12 all-new maps – approximately three times the size of previous maps from Rainbow Six Siege– in four dynamic regions, more than 60 weapons and 15 technologies exclusive to REACT. It will include a weekly challenge mode for the end of the game. In addition to the launch content, a follow-up by Ubisoft is anticipated to incorporate new operators or content with regular updates.

REACT operators |  Ubisoft
REACT operators | Ubisoft

There is a sector of the community that is skeptical and even critical of the new installment because it distances itself from the essence of the franchise, which earned its reputation for generating tactical shooter experiences that feel realistic. Although it has clear elements of science fiction, Extraction will seek to prove that it continues to be an instance that requires preparation, coordinated work and that retains the tactical element of Rainbow Six.

It is a case similar to that which occurred with other franchises of Tom Clancy, like the battle royale proposal of Ghost Recon o and the advance of the COD-like XDefiant. Still, the interest in Extraction has been growing in the face of its launch due to its unique proposal and the first glimpses of its gameplay.

One of the most attractive news about his arrival is the Buddy Pass: It will allow anyone who has a copy of the game to invite two friends to access a trial version for 14 days to enjoy a cooperative experience and decide if it is worth the investment. Those users who choose to acquire it will be able to keep all the progress made during that time. The cooperative PvE shooter is coming to Game Pass on day one and will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Stadia. It will have the option of crossplay and cross progression between the different platforms.


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